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Cover des Buches Closer To Sin (ISBN: 9781760370367)

Closer To Sin

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Cover des Buches Closer To Sin (ISBN: 9781760370367)
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Loved it
IraWiravor 8 Jahren

I read many many historical romances and they often make me think about the time and the people living in those times. Every now and then there is a book with a setting that is a bit different and that challenges me to find out more about that time. This is something that I like about this book as well as it is set in France at the time when Napoleon threatened to invade Britain. A story about spies and counterspies and about two people falling in love even though they know that this liason can't be. And when they finally reunite they have to fight for their chance at happiness.

Yeah, right, it is not a completely new storyline or something very outlandish, that's true but the effect of it is rather fresh and novel and I really like that. It is well written, vividly discribed and has some great characters to top it off.

Liliane and Sinclair meet in France, when Liliane's cousin Solange, a spy for the british, sends Liliane on a secret mission with Sin in her stead, Having traveled half of France together and getting in the one or the other hazardous situation along the way leads to a rather tight bond - especially when circumstances arise that definitely solidify this bond. Back in society both have to figure out what they mean to each other and , well then there's the question of Freddy Parker....nice and proper - and of course very eligible Freddy Parker who has offered for Liliane.

On the whole the book was highly entertaining, fast-paced, gripping and I really enjoyed reading it.

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