Ellis Peters A Nice Derangement Of Epitaphs: An Inspector George Felse Novel


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Inhaltsangabe zu „A Nice Derangement Of Epitaphs: An Inspector George Felse Novel“ von Ellis Peters

'Shed here no tears. No Saint could die More Blessed and Comforted than I' read the epitaph composed by Jan and Morwenna Treverra before their quiet deaths centuries ago. But the pious portrait of content they conjured fragments when permission is granted for their tombs to be opened - and an all too twentieth century corpse is found within. An unfailing sense of strategic timing draws Detective Inspector George Felse to the scene, abandoning family, seaside and Cornish cream teas in favour of the vaults of Maymouth's little Saxon church. There, in the derelict seashore graveyard, a mystery unfolds, a trail of violence in Maymouth's history which casts shadows centuries long...

A charming classic mystery novel set in Cornwall

— Alais
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  • "No Saint could die more blessed and comforted than I..."

    A Nice Derangement Of Epitaphs: An Inspector George Felse Novel


    28. April 2016 um 10:29

    Looking for long-lost poems, Simon wants to open the tomb of the poet and smuggler Jan Treverra who died with his wife Morwenna centuries ago. But when the tomb is opened in the presence of Detective Inspector George Felse who is spending his holidays with his family in Cornwall and came out of curiosity to witness the opening, the corpse within does not look very ancient at all... I was spellbound by this well-crafted novel set in the beautiful and rough landscape of the Cornish seaside. The author's character descriptions are very skilful, the characters appear vivid and deep. And I have found all different and yet entwined storylines equally suspenseful and touching - the mysterious death of Jan and Morwenna Treverra that was not at all as quiet as the epitaphs of their tombs ("No Saint could die more blessed and comforted than I...") suggest, the storyline of young boy Paddy discovering who he really is and, of course, the mystery of the recently dead man lying in the tomb of the poet...

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