Only His Touch: A Gay Love Story

von Elsa Winters
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Only His Touch: A Gay Love Story
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"I panic every time I think about getting hurt..." Kurt was a beautiful man, but now he can barely look at himself in the mirror. One night, years ago, he had let his guard down, and a sadistic group had taken advantage of the situation. The assault wasn't sexual, but Kurt is reminded of it every time he sees the scars. He knows that, no matter what, he can never let anyone else see the tapestry of abuse on his back. "I would never hurt you, Kurt." James already has a busy life. Between his son moving back home during college, trying to help a jilted ex-boyfriend get back on his feet, and his thriving-but-stressful ownership of a wine bar, he knew he didn't have time for any new drama. But when he saw the beautiful golden-haired and golden-skinned Kurt, he knew he had to make time, no matter what baggage Kurt had. "How about I don't touch you? You can touch me, Kurt. I won't touch you. I won't move an inch unless you tell me to." Despite a series of missteps by James, Kurt feels his resistance start to break down. Still, even though he feels like he can touch James, he can't seem to make that final leap of trust. However, as James opens up his life to Kurt, Kurt realizes that James is just as emotionally vulnerable as he is. James tries to hide the scars of his history as fiercely as Kurt hides the scars on his back. Will Kurt allow James to make him whole again, or will he never allow himself to be touched again?


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