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I just wanted more romance. Cute but not great.

— Lonechastesoul
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  • Cute but not great.

    The Start of Me and You


    03. March 2017 um 22:46

    "Love extra, even if it means you hurt extra, too." The story follows, Paige, who has lost someone pretty special to her at a young age. She wasn't ready to accept and move on from that loss. For over a year, sixteen-year old Paige Hancock, has been known as "the girl whose boyfriend died". She's spent the last year shutting herself off from everything but she's now ready for a new beginning and to start living her life. To help herself along, she's created a list:1. Parties/social events2. New group3. Date (Ryan Chase)4. Travel5. Swim That the basic plot of The Start of You and Me. I ended up liking this book, but I didn't love it. I loved Max, though. How can I not love this nerdy, airplane-loving dude, who is smart as heck, who loves books, and girl scout cookies? How can you not love Max?But seriously, he was such an amazing love interest. He wasn't your typical panty-dropping guy. He was the cute one, the one others seem to always ignore. I had some issues with the romance. The Start of Me and You really (really really) takes its time building the friendship between Paige and Max before anything happens, and then BAM! It's over. The story wasn’t perfect, at least not for me. I have to be honest here, it was pretty predictable, but refreshing in some way. I would have liked Paige and Max’s romance to feel more...like a romance... I think.?! Their friendship was really cute and the friendship to ‘lovers’ aspect well done, but I wanted more of these two TOGETHER. And that’s why the ending felt a little rushed to me. An epilogue would have been perfect IMO for this novel. What I really wanted from this novel was a sweet romance, there are sweet friendships, definitely, and there were some romancey feels at the end, but... yeah. Overall, I just wanted more.The cover is gorgeous, though! Look at it! It’s beautiful. I don’t even care what this is about, that cover should be on my shelf.

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