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    Wuthering Heights


    13. January 2013 um 20:53

    short insight: Mr Lockwood has just moved to Thrushcross Grange, when he gets to know his landlord Heathcliff, who's living at Wuthering Heights. Lockwood is forced to stay there for a night due to a snow storm. But Heathcliff isn't pleased about that and not being hospitable at all. He seems to be an unhappy and embittered type of person thus Mr Lockwood seeks to find out about his deepest secrets: Soon he learns, that Heathcliff once loved a girl he could never marry and had to let her go many times in his life. But there are still more secrets to reveal, as there is much more pain Heathcliff had to endure. style: Emily Bronte uses a very nice style of writing that is beautiful and rich of variety at the same time. I really like the way she describes tiniest details, because she seems to choose the perfect words for every situation. Due to this you can somehow even feel the somber and cold atmosphere. Another thing I really enjoyed about this book was that some characters have special dialects or speak old English. In my opinion you are travelling back to the old England of the 19th century by this which makes this book really authentic and vivid. characters: The variety of characters is very difficult to understand, but as you read on, you will see how they are arranged. What I didn't like at all is - apart from the variety of characters - that most characters aren't likeable and that you can't identifiy with anyone. But I still like how Bronte created the character of Heathcliff: By getting to know his past and all the pain he had to endure you can realize why he became such an embittered person. The deeper meaning in some of his conversations is really wonderful. It's a main reason why the book is worth reading. plot: The plot is coherent, but at the beginning of the book you have to get used to the changes of time. After a while I really began to like this, because it makes it possible to compare the young and the old Heathcliff. This offers the opportunity to comprehend the huge change of his character. In my opinion Bronte is doing that in a very clever way, which definitely makes it special. conclusion: I would highly recommend this book because of its beautiful style of writing, the really interesting character Heathcliff and the special deeper meaning.

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