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Cover des Buches If I Die Before I Wake (ISBN: 9781473547728)

If I Die Before I Wake

Erschienen am 04.01.2018

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Cover des Buches If I Die Before I Wake (ISBN: 9781473547728)

Rezension zu "If I Die Before I Wake" von Emily Koch

Such a good read!
mimicharlottevor 4 Jahren

Suspense during five long nights of reading until my husband, tossing and turning next to me, signalled that it was time to switch off the light. And even during the day I often found myself wondering how it would go on, and, being a teacher of the German language in a training school for nurses, I wished the book had been translated into German in order to provide them with another thrilling book about the locked-in-syndrome (the author quotes the famous Tavalaro-book). Then the way she makes the protagonist obtain his information only bit by bit, and his unheard participation in the conversations, all this is very convincing. Wonderful observations. The side characters like the nice nurse Pauline and the mean one, Connie, and, the one I like best, the singing Polish cleaner and the great episode when they watch - only part of - a football match together ... Really very well done, a pleasure to read. His longing for being touched (but not by Connie and Eleanor, though the last one is a friend). The family structures behind it, his sister's behaviour, his inability to speak out feelings - a mixture of guilt and love, it comes over so convincingly. When I was about to read the last 30 pages I started to wonder how the author would finish the book. And, to be true, I was not happy with the end. Luckily I had the chance to discuss it with Emily Koch in a friendly e-mail-exchange. She explained that for her it was the only possible ending, that she had considered other ways (among them solutions I would have preferred) but rejected them. Now, and that's the author's undeniable right, this freedom is both stimulus and reward for undergoing all the long and meticulous work of writing a good story. And no doubt, "If I die before I wake" is a wonderfully written one! 

Cover des Buches If I Die Before I Wake (ISBN: 9781473547728)
miss_mesmerizeds avatar

Rezension zu "If I Die Before I Wake" von Emily Koch

Emily Koch - If I die before I wake
miss_mesmerizedvor 6 Jahren

When Alex wakes up in hospital, he finds himself locked-in in his body. His mind is absolutely clear, but he cannot communicate with his surroundings; neither can he move his body the least bit, nor can he show the doctors or his family that he is not in a coma. It takes some time for him to figure out what actually happened. Since he cannot ask, he has to rely on what his visitors share with him. First of all, his girlfriend Bea, but also his father and his sister. He obviously was climbing when he fell from the rock. Since is never wore a helmet, the impact left a serious damage to his brain. But slowly he comes to the conclusion that the different pieces of information he gathers while listening do not really fit together. There must be more about it.

Emily Koch surely has chosen a very special point of view for her novel. Giving a voice to a locked-in character is something you do not read that often. Yet, it made the story especially appealing since you as the reader were completely with Alex and had no chance of getting more information than the protagonist. Not all you learnt made sense, at times, you even suspected the girlfriend of having tried to murder him – just like Alex did. Thus, the choice the author has made is simply great and adds a special bit to the story.

It was an attempted murder, this becomes clear quite early in the novel, yet, it takes some time to really understand what was behind it all. The limited access to information really supports the suspense here. At some points I got a bit annoyed, wishing it all to advance a bit more quickly. However, imagining this as a real life event, there is nothing one could do to accelerate it, so even though I was curious to get to the solution, it was a good decision to delay it.

A risky point of view which I find quite innovative. The plot was solved convincingly and the author found a way out of the story that I absolutely liked. 


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