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Good start of a new series!
JuliaOvor 4 Jahren

This was a very fast and entertaining read!

A story mixing, elves, dwarves, humans, and gunpowder is a mix I haven't read before. I have to say, that other than name I didn't notice a lot of difference between human, elf and dwarf. Though that didn't bother me, but it just felt right in this story.

I liked the main characters, though I personally am not the biggest fan of diary style books. But I got used to that pretty quickly and got sucked right into the story.

The one missing star is due to it feeling a bit like "Riding there - winning there. Then riding somewhere else and doing so again". It could have been a bit more epic in style and a bit more diverse in action. (And no, I didn't spoil it - there will be important characters dying too... It's not the "nothing bad can happen" kind of book. The two main characters were just a bit too perfect at fighting at times to be fully believable.)

Otherwise a really fluent story that kept me well entertained all the way through!


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