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  • Gorgeous cover, pleasant book.



    13. June 2015 um 20:16

    "Illuminated" is an anthology of love stories. There is a love story within a love story. Love stories beside a love story. Callie's about to spend the summer before her senior year in New York City with her Uncle Henry. She thought that being a glorified assistant at his auction house would be the highlight of her three month stay until she meets August and they embark on an adventure to find the owner of an old and mysterious book. It was just ok. Underneath this gorgeous cover that so much potential, are hollow leads without emotion, action, or charm about them. I did love the ancient love story attached to the plot, and to be honest that was the part that kept me reading. Honestly, I never knew Abelard and Heloise existed (same with Illuminated books) until I read this book. So I have to give kudos to Erica Orloff for introducing me to their tragic tale. Overall, I felt the characters were underdeveloped with pockets of unfinished or overlooked pieces of information. This may have been due to the fact that the story takes place over a four week period, so events happen quickly. In one word, I'd describe the book as pleasant. So pleasant, yes! Believable, not so much.

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