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Too Wicked to Kiss (Scoundrels & Secrets)

Too Wicked to Kiss (Scoundrels & Secrets)

Erschienen am 19.07.2016
The Earl's Defiant Wallflower

The Earl's Defiant Wallflower

Erschienen am 01.12.2014

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Captivating and enjoyable
IraWiravor 3 Jahren

Okay, brooding, scowling, scarred - how can you not fall in love with such a man? Throw in an impoverished, honorable Miss, another Miss on the hunt for a husband, some less honorable relatives, a dark and unwelcoming manor and some dark secrets - sounds like a well known plot, doesn't it? It is, indeed, but it is well done and - well, don't forget about the murder!
The murder stirs it all up and creates an atmosphere of suspense reminding me sometimes of an Agatha Christie mystery. I really tried to find out who the murderer was but ...I failed. Not for lack of suspects, mind you. I think I suspected every member of this ill-fated house party at least once...all, except for the real murderer.

The whole plot was well done and well written and I really enjoyed reading this book. I may have rolled my eyes once or twice when a certain lady and her mother were plotting, I abhorred said mother and her despicable plots to gain a husband for her daughter and the lengths to which she was willing to go to ensure Evangeline's help, I was furious when some of the men behaved far, far less than honorable and I was upset when, well, ...then.

A mystery and a love story spiced with some mystic elements and some ruthless characters - "Too Wicked To Kiss" has it all and the result is captivating and enjoyable!


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