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Inhaltsangabe zu „London Harmony: Roctoberfest“ von Erik Schubach

Kacy Green is at a point in her life where she feels she needs to act more mature and get her own place instead of crashing at her various band mates flats as she has done for ten years since she ran away from a bad situation at home when she was fifteen. Things are starting to click for her and for the band. London Harmony is hosting the biggest battle of the bands the world has ever witnessed. When things start to fall apart when their lead guitarist defects to another band. The race is on to find another lead guitarist before they are dropped from the competition. What Kacy finds instead is a love like none she had ever experienced when she stumbles upon Mei Hammond, a woman who has the most unusual gift with music that not even tragedy can take from her. (London Harmony is a spinoff of the Music of the Soul books.)
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  • Can't wait for more!

    London Harmony: Roctoberfest


    22. June 2015 um 14:45

    Erik Schubach: "Roctoberfest" What a surprise... another book of Erik's that is absoltutely loveable ;) The characters were fun - all of them, the protagonists as well as the secondary characters. I liked especially Mei. She has a family one only can be envious of. And she herself is some admirable character. I can't imagine how I could live with the loss of my arm... and she fought her way back. Simply marvelous. The idea to create a "remake" of karaoke queen was brilliant. I loved this book back then, so I was over the moon when I read the prologue, where the competition was announced. I just coul not put it down. I loved it! And hated it... especially this reeeeeally cruel hint at the end... I can't wait for "Small Fry"!

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