Ever the Hunted

von Erin Summerill 
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Ever the Hunted
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Lauwarme Fantasygeschichte, die nichts Neues zu bieten hat. Leider.

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Seventeen year-old Britta Flannery is at ease only in the woods with her dagger and bow.She spends h....


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    Nicksvor 2 Jahren
    Kurzmeinung: Lauwarme Fantasygeschichte, die nichts Neues zu bieten hat. Leider.
    Always The Same

    Rating: 2.5

    You can feel the love the story is filled and crafted with. It´s tangible, the passion and devotion Britta and Cohen are created from. If only it had helped.

    Ever The Hunted can´t surprise, neither by displaying a unique world, nor by creating a gripping, twisting plot. You learn all you need to know in the first half and none of the supposedly unpredictable events really astonish. It´s easy to figure out who´s the murderer, the „unsuspected“ villain, what the secrets are about and what role certain characters are going to play. even if they are only introduced to add a dramatic touch by dying an innocent´s death.

    Ever the Hunted features the classical elements of the fantasy genre:

    1) social outcast: well trained, sharp minded and smart mouthed girl sets out to lift all the secrets about her past and grow into a responsible young woman throughout her journey. Britta is supposed to be likable because she´s always been teased for her heritage and still managed to be herself not caring for the gossip mill. Her thoughts circle around Cohen constantly and therefore too often. Also, she herself decides to go through with her father´s plan. I´ve never been one to celebrate overconfidence and self deception. 

    Noo, my father wouldn´t have done that. Noooo, he would´ve told me. Nooooo, I will do that no matter the odds. Except, he didn´t. Except, she should´ve thought her plans through. Except, one girl can´t stand against an empire by hiding in the woods. And by lying.
    Britta suffers from the classical heroine-syndrome.

    2) big, strong handsome guy with good heart and martial arts skills and powerful muscles. We are supposed to fall for Cohen. If only we hadn´t seen this type of guy 100 times before. If only their love weren´t so predictable, if only it would´ve raised from dislike and grudging attraction instead of lifelong hidden feelings. A love story thrives on the little shudders it evokes. this one feels forced, mostly. All we know about Cohen is how blindly trusting Britta is towards him, how much she´s always been in love with him and how very good he smells.

    I don´t particularly enjoy criticizing the story so much, but in the end it didn´t steal my breath or blow my mind. It was nice, if a tad boring. We´ve seen this before multiple times and that´s not what it should be about.

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    Lettersalad_devor 2 Jahren

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