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Inhaltsangabe zu „Model Behaviour“ von Esther Harshom

When Sarah's artist girlfriend suggests sketching her in the nude, it's hard for her to say no -- after all, her skill with a canvas was part of the reason she was so attractive. When Alex reveals a kinky twist to the evening, though, the usually prudish Sarah finds her limits being pushed -- and a whole new world opening up to her... EXTRACT: ‘Good,’ she said again. It was the last thing I heard before I felt the touch of the rope against my skin. It was soft, but unexpected, and I instinctively pulled against it. Alex didn’t force me; she allowed my hands to move away from her, but the grip around my wrist stayed. ‘It’s OK,’ she said. ‘I want to sketch you tied up. I thought it would make for a cool picture.’ I was hesitant, but I could see it already. Alex had always admired the way bondage looked, even if we’d never got around to playing with it ourselves, and I remembered her once excitedly showing me a coffee table book filled with artistic black and white photographs of women swaddled in rope; it didn’t really surprise me that she liked the idea of having her own personal model secured for her. ‘OK,’ I said, crossing my wrists together behind my back. I did trust her. I would have trusted her with anything. She looped the rope once, twice, three times around my wrists and pulled it taut. Immediately, I got the impression that she knew what she was doing. There was no stalling, no hesitation: within moments, my hands were completely immobile.
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