Esther Samuels-Davis

Autor von TogetherVerse und Gemeinsamen.

Lebenslauf von Esther Samuels-Davis

Esther Samuels-Davis is originally from Catskill, New York and holds a BFA in printmaking from California College of the Arts. She went on to become head printer at custom letterpress company Carrot and Stick Press in Oakland, California. After moving to Berlin, Germany in 2013 Esther’s artwork has been commissioned for theater productions at Acker Stadt Palast, Literally Speaking Berlin, and was featured on the Radiotopia podcast Love and Radio. Esther’s drawings and prose can be found in print in Maker’s Magazine and was featured on the Maker’s Movement blog. «My mother has an incredible picture book collection, and since a young age I was always inspired by the way their words and images could transport me to new places and feelings. Almost immediately after entering art school I realized that writing and illustrating for children and adults was a way I could communicate ideas and emotions to a larger audience, hopefully creating for other people what I had experienced from books as a child. Although my focus in college was on etching and screen printing, while in school I wrote and illustrated three children’s books, one of which was the very first version of TogetherVerse.»

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Cover des Buches Gemeinsamen (ISBN: 9783906945101)


Erschienen am 01.11.2019
Cover des Buches TogetherVerse (ISBN: 9783906945118)


Erschienen am 01.11.2019

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