Evelyn White The Mountain


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Inhaltsangabe zu „The Mountain“ von Evelyn White

It's intended to help develop a sense of autonomy and self-regulation, the ability to tolerate distress, and practice using a resilient mindset. It is purposefully written in a predictable and rhythmic pattern. It works similarly to a meditation mantra, a rosary prayer, or another form of focused and repetitive positive thinking. Over time, it can eventually become committed to memory which makes it more easily accessible and then it can be applied to everyday life. The story uses ideas and practices for reinforcing capabilities and desired changes to ultimately bring about positive results. There is a large body of evidence suggesting that repeated positive reinforcement and visualization affects our behavior and outcomes in a positive way. In this case, it can build useful coping skills and resilience. The book is best used in a calm and safe environment, shared with people that know and trust each other, such as naptime or bedtime. When people are relaxed, they are more open to suggestions and new ideas. Therefore, the content could also appropriate during imposed quiet-times, such as being kept indoors at playtime or sitting in a time-out, once the individual is calm and settled. It's best to share this book and read aloud, but people can also find benefit from reading silently in a calm and quiet environment.

Stöbern in Sachbuch

Green Bonanza

informativ, grün, lecker, etwas ausgefallen - für Gemüsefans und solche, die es werden sollten ;)



Eröffnet neue Sichtweisen zu Freundschaften, die für jeden wertvoll sind/nützlich sein können. Eine interessante Lektüre!


Mein Kind ist genau richtig, wie es ist

Ein lesenswertes Sachbuch über die Entwicklung des eigenen Wesens- Nicht nur für Eltern Lesenswert!


Glück besteht aus Buchstaben

Letztlich eher enttäuschend. Die Autobiographie nahm mehr Raum ein als die Bücher. Außerdem ein paar Taktlosigkeiten.





Was das Herz begehrt

Tolles Buch mit vielen Erklärungen über unser Herz.


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