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The Pleasures of Autumn

The Pleasures of Autumn

Erschienen am 31.10.2013
The Pleasures of Spring

The Pleasures of Spring

Erschienen am 24.04.2014
The Pleasures of Winter

The Pleasures of Winter

Erschienen am 01.11.2012

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Rezension zu "The Pleasures of Spring" von Evie Hunter

Great read :)
pieggyvor 3 Jahren

Info:  Rezension  wurde im April 2014 geschrieben und ist, wie man sieht auf Englisch (hat seine Gründe). 

The Book:

I really like the cover. It´s simple with just the authors name, the title and the water lily. The colours of the water lily and the fonts look good together- especially with the black background. As far as I can say, the quality of the book is good. It still looks like new after I´ve read it and shows no sign of use.

The story:

The story begins and ends with the point of view of Roz Spring aka Roisin Philomena O´Sullivan- Spring. But it´s not only Roz the reader gets to know. There is also Andy McTavish whose point of view changes with the one of Roz´.

Already for some time on the run, Roz finds herself back in England. There, she keeps a low profile. She is hiding- hiding from Andy McTavish and J. Darren Hall. But while Andy wants to find her to help her, Hall is looking for her for some other reason. Hall wants to kill her. He wants to kill her, because Roz witnessed him killing a man and Andy and his boss wants her to testify. But she doesn´t. Roz doesn´t want to testify. Cause that would tell Hall where she is. That would make it easier for him to find and kill her. So she´s hiding, working at places where there´s no name needed, she steels, but just from people who can afford it or are too bad to others. She´s like a female Robin Hood, although it´s still illegal.

While Roz and Andy already met before and were attracted to each other, the surprise when they met again while some jewellery is robbed, is big. Andy thinks he finally found her but when she slips away again and was chased by Hall, she goes to Ireland and works on a movie. For some reason Roz texts Andy and this becomes the start of something more. They write, they flirt and they tease each other. But both don´t want to fall for each other. Both don´t want a relationship and after Andy found her in Ireland on this movie set and got hired as well, the feelings and sexual tension get stronger.

When Hall turned up on the movie set, Andy and Roz couldn´t do anything else than run away and hide at Andy´s parents house. There, both pretend to be in love and engaged. But the more they spend time together the more they feel for each other. The problem is just that they are afraid of feeling something and think that there couldn´t be a future for them as a couple.

And then....

What do you think? I think you should read to find out what happens. Will Roz run away from Andy again and hide or will Roz and Andy find each other and have a happily ever after? Will Roz testify or is Hall going to find and kill her? What does the O´Sullivans have to do with Roz and what´s the story behind Roz´ past? Why didn´t Roz lived with her twin sister and why is her father in prison? And who is Frankie and why are there any horses in the story?

Well.... I won´t tell. You should read the book.

My opinion:

I liked the book. The story was different to some other books I´ve read and that was a nice change. In my opinion it was well written. It was easy to like the characters. I can´t complain much. I just missed something but can´t say yet what exactly. That´s why I rated it just with 4 stars


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