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I thoroughly enjoyed this photography workshop and I’ve learned so much. Finn Beales takes you on a trip through the art of photography, sharing the secrets of the trade and behind-the-scenes insights. Even though there is of course an abundance of technical terms and technicalities, the book constantly kept me interested, which is mostly due to the great pictures that illustrate the points the author makes as well as the many small projects and exercises that are included in the workshop. I especially appreciate that the tasks are very precise, hands-on and easy to follow and try, so that you can really benefit from the attempt and the different techniques and improve your own photography. My favourite part are the explanations about colour theory and the moods and effects that can be created by complementing certain colours. The structure of the whole workshop is remarkably clear and definitely doable for beginners as well as, I believe, more advanced photographers. I highly recommend the workshop to everyone who wants to take and create better pictures.


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