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Not His Kiss to Take

Not His Kiss to Take

Erschienen am 28.12.2016

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Medical kinkiness
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Evan can't to work as a doctor anymore since his migraine incapacitates him most days. On a rare outing to a bar, he finds a young guy, Jamie, beat up and violated in the restrooms. Since Jamie doesn't want to go to a hospital, he takes him home and helps him recover. He also finds him irresistible attractive and has a hard time being as detached as a doctor ought to be.

So, I thought this was supposed to be just porn, but it's not. Not really. Not just.
Ok, there is a lot of sex. Seriously a lot. Long, dirty, kinky, awesome sex scenes.
But I thought the relationship building in between was actually really great too. Ok, I admit, the whole "It's not gay unless I do X" thing is a bit silly. It happens way too often in books, but it never stops being stupid. But other than that, I really liked the play between them, Evan's pushing, cajoling, care taking, Jamie's resistance, insults and acceptance.

I really liked that the characters had a big age-gap and the younger one actually acted very much younger. He curses like a teenager, is a bit immature, taunting, reckless. I liked it better than the usual "He's so mature" take on age difference.

I adored the sex, btw. Very extensive scenes, well written, big focus on the feelings, reactions, interactions. I'm not even into the whole medical kink, but it's hard not to get into it, when the book describes so well how much both of them are into it.

It's a bit dubCon in the beginning, and Jamie does call Evan out on that more than once. They even talk about it in the end, so it's very much an intentional part of the book. Personally, I wasn't bothered by it all that much, I thought it was pretty mild, but I guess some people might not like those parts.


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