Floco Tausin Mouches Volantes


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Mouches Volantes“ von Floco Tausin

Mouches Volantes Eye Floaters as Shining Structure of Consciousness What are these dots and strands floating in our field of vision and becoming visible in bright light conditions? In ophthalmology they are known as »vitreous opacities«, also called »mouches volantes«. Patients in search for treatment are put off with the argument that the phenomenon is harmless and not effectively treatable. In this book, the author Floco Tausin introduces the radically opposite conclusion of the seer Nestor living in the Swiss Emmental: according to him, the »flying mosquitoes« are the first emergences of a shining structure formed by our consciousness; the mystical entering into this structure allows us human beings to become one with the picture. The reader will not only find a report of experiences in the form of a mystic tale in this book; he or she will also be exposed to the practical way of life and ecstasy techniques of the seer Nestor that are required to arrive at a novel and challenging wealth of knowledge: the fact that seeing mouches volantes is closely interconnected to our consciousness and its state of development. The book »Mouches Volantes« is a practical and entertaining companion for all those who choose to lead a life of conscious awareness.

Floco Tausin tells the story about his time of learning with spiritual teacher and seer Nestor, taking place in the hilly region of Emmental

— FlocoTausin

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