Francine Forthright Sam and the Hotel Room: A First Lesbian Experience


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Sam and the Hotel Room: A First Lesbian Experience“ von Francine Forthright

I want to the bar to pick someone up. I even rented a hotel room to make sure I had a safe place to make things happen. I expected to use it. I never expected that the person I’d bring back there would be Sam…Samantha, a woman. It was my first lesbian experience and it was beyond anything I’d ever experienced before. Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes lesbian seduction, first lesbian sex, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this story. Here is a preview: And now that we were in my room, I didn’t know what the hell to do. Thankfully, I was never the type to go for cheap motels so even though I wouldn’t call it an upscale hotel, it had a mini bar. I crossed over to it and began preparing us a drink. She came right up to me, put her hands over mine, and stopped me. When I turned to look at her, she already had her dress off and was wearing only a camisole. It was a beautiful cream-colored thing that was long, all the way down to her knees, and somehow elegantly beautiful. I looked at where her dress had pooled on the floor, swallowed hard, and looked back at her. She leaned forward and kissed me. That first kiss was just amazing. I felt her lips on mine and it was strange because it was unlike any kiss I’d ever had. It was interesting in that it didn’t carry any power struggles with it. It wasn’t like we were trying to determine which one of us was going to lead, which one of us was going to do what and be in control, who was doing anything. It was just a kiss, a joining of our lips. It was a gentle and soft kiss and it thrilled me. And when her tongue softly began flicking over my lips and then into my mouth, my tongue returned the favor with a desire that I didn’t often have. I kissed her and then before I really understood what came over me, I had my hands on the straps of her cami, pulling it down over her shoulders.
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