Francine Forthright , Dominique Angel The Girls Take Over: Five Lesbian Sex Erotica Stories


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Inhaltsangabe zu „The Girls Take Over: Five Lesbian Sex Erotica Stories“ von Francine Forthright

Who needs a man when these girls are so hot? In this scorching collection of five lesbian sex stories, you’ll find a whole lot more than you might expect. Sure, we’ve included a sweet first lesbian experience between friends, but you’ll also find rough lesbian sex, bondage, and even lesbian anal sex! It’s hot as hell, and it’s only a click away. 1. Claire in Control: Lesbian Punishment for Jenna As long as she's known Claire, Jenna has been under her spell. That spell is a spell of complete obedience and control, and when Claire proposes a unique birthday gift, Jenna is taken aback. Her reaction isn't lost on Claire, and Jenna has to be punished. Why does the pain feel so sweet? 2. Silver Bells: A Very Rough Lesbian Anal Sex Erotica Story Michele is amazed to find that her Christmas decorating client is the college roommate she hasn’t seen for more than a decade! Kathryn is just as beautiful as she was in college, and she’s amazed that she’s also rich as can be. What’s even more amazing is that Kathryn still brings out desires in Michele that she never got to fulfill in college. It’s happening now, though, because Kathryn is determined to give Michele her first lesbian sex experience, and she’s going to do it in an intense way with bondage and a makeshift sex toy so that Michele can have her first anal sex, too! 3. The Lesbian Sex Awakening: A Very Rough and Reluctant First Lesbian Sex Short Cheryl is tired of her roommate Jeanne letting everyone walk all over her, and one day it just boils to the top and she loses it. She says a great many harsh things, and for the first time, Jeanne doesn’t react in her normal mousy way. In fact, she’s downright aggressive, and before she knows it Cheryl is in the midst of a very, very rough and reluctant first lesbian sex encounter complete with oral sex, rough deepthroat with fingers, and face sitting! 4. The Lawyer’s Mistress Episode Four: Laura Learns to Love it Lesbian Laura Ranigan has fallen nicely into her role as superstar lawyer Tony Marick’s kept woman, but the infrequency of his visits weigh on her, and she’s desperately lonely. So, when he sends for her, she’s overjoyed to go to the fancy hotel he’s set up for her. A little later, though, his lovely wife arrives, and in a strange turn of events, ends up joining in. 5. Bath, Wine, and Chocolate: A First Lesbian Sex with Friend Erotica Story Krissy is devastated by her breakup with Mark, and as she prepares a hot bath, she cries into the phone. Her best friend Erin is supportive, and when she’s soaked in the tub for a while with some candy and a bottle of wine, she feels a little bit better. Then, she discovers that she can feel a whole lot better when Erin shows up and makes it clear just how supportive she can be by giving Krissy her first lesbian sex experience. Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a various lesbian sex encounter. It includes first lesbian sex, lesbian seduction mutual masturbation, face sitting, bondage, humiliation, submission, oral sex, sex toys, rough sex, and lesbian anal sex. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.
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