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Simon Hardy

Simon Hardy

Erschienen am 01.09.2015
Simon Hardy, Band 2, Neapel in Gefahr

Simon Hardy, Band 2, Neapel in Gefahr

Erschienen am 01.08.2016
Love Volume 4: The Dinosaur

Love Volume 4: The Dinosaur

Erschienen am 07.02.2017

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Rezension zu "Love Volume 4: The Dinosaur" von Frederic Brremaud

misspidervor 2 Jahren

A comic that works without a single word - this one certainly does! The illustrations are bursting to life - and into your face - with vibrant colors and perfect detail, conveying a kaleidoscope of emotions. Whether it be shock and fear from the full-size T-Rex stomping towards you full-force, sympathy and fun with the little shy and awkward bird-like dinosaur (which my son favored), or awe at the gigantic brachiosaurus. While the author does not shy away from picturing nature's eat-or-be-eaten brutality in bloody detail, even those images share a certain grace and harmony, just like nature itself. This fourth installment is another worthy addition to the LOVE series.

(I chose to read an ARC of this book - all opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased)


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