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Cover des Buches Dissecting Meredith: (Police and Fire: Operation Alpha) (ISBN: 9781643842776)melli.die.zahnfees avatar

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melli.die.zahnfeevor einem Monat

The shortest review ever: This book is absolutely perfect :)

May I also say, that I adore Freya's style of writing. So empathetic and clear in all emotions, and on top a great suspense case which needs to be solved. I also love that you see again many characters from previous books. Jay VanDyken was an interesting character in former books but in this one he is absolute adorable. I loved that he became a detective just to meet Meredith more often. And for her, he explains the dark chapters of his former family life. Meredith is sweet but also strong. She lives a new life in Durango and Jay sneaks into her heart. Slow but steady. As in the most books Freya's characters are some years older and had a lot of experience in what is wrong or right. I love this so much the bright sunshine the author brings to the readers' heart. That in the deepest darkest moments there is love and a family for everyone. The feeling of Durango is pictorial described and I love this little town too.
What should I say. I love every word, every character, and every scenario written by this fantastic author.
Negatives: None, I'm sorry.

Cover des Buches Lock&Load (Pass, Band 3) (ISBN: 9781988733593)melli.die.zahnfees avatar

Rezension zu "Lock&Load (Pass, Band 3)" von Freya Barker

great and heartwarming
melli.die.zahnfeevor 3 Monaten

There are two wonderful themes in this book . First, a great suspense story about a woman who is beaten up in front of Hillary, which turns into a case of unimagined proportions that spans several states and, of course, has something to do with Raider's profession. And due to this suspence story  Hillary and Raider meets and sparks begin to fly.  Two people who like to be alone  and are quite workaholics. Hillary because she has to, due to her debts and Raider because he very often forgets the time in his job in front of the screen, tracing down suspects. A secret  star of this book is Philomena, my heartimmediately melted for her. And of course all  other members of PASS are there to support not only the investigation , but also Raider's way into Hillary's heart.  Raider is quite a nerd when it comes to interpersonal relationships. But I admit he is  a hot nerd, What I love about Freya's books is that they show people as everyday life really is. No kid stuff, but real adult feelings. It's so heartwarming. And really fun to read. I devoured this book in one day and I can only keep advertising from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful books of a great author. Here every word, every emotion is in the right place and its extremely exiting.

Cover des Buches Bonus Kisses (English Edition) (ISBN: B08KLQ9G1N)melli.die.zahnfees avatar

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melli.die.zahnfeevor 4 Monaten

In this book emotions run deep. Yes, I felt a little sorry about the lack of the suspense plot her books normally show, but this one is amazing too. With only a handful of characters she shows the world how to forgive and take the second chance of love someone.
Freya Barkers characters are quite normal ( as usual ) you can always identify and find your own way through the pages. Its heartwarming and beautiful. People need to change and hop about their own shadow to find peace or love or forgiveness. She has her own way with words and her speech can transport every single emotion.
I loved the idea behind this book. " Bonus Kisses", we should distribute them to everyone we love, life is too short for grief and misunderstandings.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


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