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Cover des Buches Onyx (GEM Book 3) (English Edition) (ISBN: B0BWZRNN9X)
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Rezension zu "Onyx (GEM Book 3) (English Edition)" von Freya Barker

great Final
melli.die.zahnfeevor einem Monat

I loved every second of this book. The final installment in the series is about Onyx, a normally very calm and even-tempered woman, even though she experienced horrible things in her childhood at Transition House. In this book, she's not really well-adjusted, and it's because of one very special man. ....
I loved seeing Pearl and Opal solidify their relationship and finally live the life they've always dreamed of.
I found the book to be a crowning finale because all the loose threads are really tied up and resolved. I also loved that the theme of Transition House and all the villains were with the reader throughout the series. Of course, this also means that you should read the whole series to get the full reading experience. But this is more of a theoretical problem with Freya Barker. Once you start reading her books, you can't stop and become addicted to the stories she tells.

And of course the protagonists :).
But I found the brokenness of the main characters in this series very special. Especially because in this book both main characters have this past and not one can give the other strength, but both have to be strong for each other.
Which of course leads to an even more beautiful happy ending, because as a reader you feel so sorry for them that you can rejoice all the more.
The theme is very present in all books and gives the reader goosebumps here and there, but everything is absolutely fantastic. And the writing is, as always with Freya Barker, full of emotion, great moments, lots of suspense and action, mixed with a very nice attraction to the protagonists.

Conclusion: Just perfect !!!!

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Cover des Buches Pearl (Gem, Band 2) (ISBN: 9781988733890)
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Rezension zu "Pearl (Gem, Band 2)" von Freya Barker

strong characters
melli.die.zahnfeevor 3 Monaten

Pearl is a strong woman who had a very bad past, like Onyx and Opal had too.
Because she has specific problems to trust someone, she doesn’t let no one close to her. She loves her work and her comfort zone. In order to search for a missing girl, she has to leave that comfort zone this time, and also deal with Lee Remmington in the process.
Freya had me hooked up against the book from the first page on. I liked the switch between banter and heavy subjects . And, Lee investigates similar to the GEM – team, so that a reader is always in the middle of the action and always feels , as if you were up close , because of the wonderful writing.Freya Barker creates every time that I read a single page, first laugh, then cry and then laugh again. I love her writing style and the fact that her protagonists find love and trustworthiness, but also give hope to the secondary characters, help them and are there for them. Except for the bad guys, grin, they are taking them down.
Another great read with strong characters.

Cover des Buches Opal (GEM Series Book 1) (English Edition) (ISBN: B0BWYZXHD4)
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Rezension zu "Opal (GEM Series Book 1) (English Edition)" von Freya Barker

a new diamond on the book market
melli.die.zahnfeevor 6 Monaten

Auch dieses Buch hat mich wieder restlos überzeugt. Ich mag die Art, wie Freya Barker schreibt. Ältere Protagonisten finden jemanden, der zu ihnen passt. Auf die eine oder andere Art und Weise. Opal und Mitch lernen sich durch die gemeinsame Arbeit an einem Fall kennen , und es ist für beide ein hartes Stück Arbeit an sich selbst und besonders an ihrer Vergangenheit zu arbeiten. Beide haben Schicksalsschläge hinnehmen müssen, und Opal Vergangenheit triggert nicht nur die Hauptprotagonistin, sondern auch den Leser.

Ich fand es toll, dass dieses Buch so rasant ist, es ist jede Menge Crime und Thrill vorhanden, da steht die Liebesgeschichte fast ein wenig im Hintergrund. Aber genauso mag ich es. Rasante Action und heiße, neue Liebe. Verliebtsein kennenzulernen, und sich auch mal fallenlassen können. Jemanden, der einen beschützt, und ein tolles Team namens GEM. Ein wenig erinnerte mich das Setting an" Drei Engel für Charly" oder auch " The mountain Mercenarys " by Susan Stoker. Auch hier steht ein geheimnisvoller Chef im Hintergrund. Wobei alles , wie immer , absolut perfekt ausgearbeitet ist. Ich liebe die Figuren , die Freya Barker erschafft, sie sind zwar besonders, hier zum Beispiel hat keine der Hauptprotagonistinnen weder in der Vergangenheit noch im Job die klassische Mädchenrolle, trotzdem gibt es Liebe und den richtigen Mann für sie. Das finde ich klasse. Auch, dass mal alles" andersherum "geschrieben ist.Hier stehen die Frauen und ihre Organisation im Vordergrund, und diese sind die Starken :)

Ich freue mich schon auf den nächsten Band :)

Again, this book has convinced me completely. I like the way Freya Barker writes. Older protagonists find someone who suits them. In one way or another. Opal and Mitch get to know each other through working together on a case , and it is a hard work for both to work on themselves and especially on their past. Both have suffered blows of fate, and Opal's past triggers not only the main protagonist, but the reader as well.

I loved that this book is so fast-paced, there is plenty of crime and thrill, so the love story almost takes a bit of a back seat. But that's just how I like it. Fast paced action and hot new love. Getting to know being in love, and also being able to let go sometimes. Someone to protect you, and a great team called GEM. The setting reminded me a little of "Three Angels for Charly" or "The Mountain Mercenaries" by Susan Stoker. Also here is a mysterious boss in the background. Where everything , as always , is absolutely perfectly worked out. I love the characters that Freya Barker creates , they are indeed special , here for example none of the main protagonists neither in the past nor in the job has the classic girl role , yet there is love and the right man for them . I think that's great. Also that everything" is written the other way around "Here the women and their organization are in the foreground, and they are the strong ones :)

I look forward to the next book.


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