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The Witches of the Glass Castle

The Witches of the Glass Castle

Erschienen am 28.09.2011

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The Witches of the Glass Castle - Gabriella Lepore
KimSlrvor 2 Jahren

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When I got this book I was really excited and couldn't wait to start with it! The synopsis sounded very interesting.

The book started of interesting enough, and while the plot stayed that way, my excitement soon vanished.

I couldn't connect with the characters as they seemed flat and I just didn't like them much, especially the two girls.

The romance gave me distinct Twilight Lion and Lamb vibes, which threw me off immensely. Again the enemy's to lovers trope is something I enjoy a lot when it is well done but I don't think it was well done here. This might also be because the characters lacked personality, which lead to the romance seeming very flat as well, at least in the beginning.As time went on I liked the relationship a little better, as you could see that they truly seemed to love each other, even though they didn't realize it themselves.But while I grew to like the relationship I also had my problems with it. They way Colt talked to her was very arrogant most of the time and until the end, where jos true feelings showed I was a little worried this relationship could turn problematic.

Another thing that annoyed me immensely was the whole 'teenagers know everything better and don't need to talk to the adults' trope. I just can not understand it, but I do understand why the author used it here.

In the end I rated this book 3 Stars, but I'm still debating whether or not to read the second book. But so like the way this book ended, because you could just stop here and not continue with the series or you can read the Second book, both are viable options in my opinion.


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