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First English translation of this novel by the author of The Spectre of Alexander Wolf While summering on the French Riviera, the young Seryozha secretly becomes the lover of the much older Liza - who is also his father's mistress. As autumn approaches, they reluctantly part: Liza to return to Paris, Seryozha to take up his studies at university in London. When he finds out about their affair, Seryozha's father attempts to convince Liza to leave his son, for the sake of the boy's own happiness. She finally gives in - but a sudden, fatal catastrophe changes everything...Gazdanov's second novel is proof of his wide-ranging talents: originally written before his celebrated noir experiments The Spectre of Alexander Wolf and The Buddha's Return, The Flight blends psychological drama, illicit romance and moments of both comedy and lyricism into a modernist take on the traditional Russian nineteenth-century realist novel epitomised by Tolstoy.
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  • gaito Gazdanov - The Flight

    The Flight (Pushkin Collection)


    29. March 2016 um 17:30

    A family not quite any other: Sergej and Olga have long lost the connection between each other, they live their lives together apart. Also their son Seryozha only plays a random role in their life. The fourth member of this strange family is Liza, Olga’s sister who is not much older than Seryozha and has always been his confidant. When the parents move further apart – also geographically – the son suddenly finds himself on the French Riviera alone with his aunt and falls in love with her. This love is returned, but Liza secretly has had an affair for years which could be revived due to the separation of Seryozha’s parents.Gazdanov presents a complicated Russian family and business construct which unfolds itself slowing during the novel. Yet, hidden affairs, a lot of secrets kept from each other for a long time find their way on the surface and put the character to difficult decisions. The basic human instincts can be found in Gazdanov’s characters, their greed, envy and pride lead them into the abyss, a positive ending is not offered for them. We do not have the highly complicated novel here with masses of characters as we find in other Russian writers which makes it a lot easier to follow the plot, nevertheless there are some side plots which give insight in how the Russian community all over Europe worked and stuck together.

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