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Cover des Buches Touch: Trilogy (ISBN: B00AWQRAGE)

Touch: Trilogy

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Cover des Buches Touch: Trilogy (ISBN: B00AWQRAGE)

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Interesting, but maybe too short and fast-paced
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Sally leads the loneliest life imaginable, and that in a city teeming with people. It's not that she prefers to be alone - it's that she can read people's thoughts when she makes skin contact. She cannot control it; it's a painful, overwhelming experience that she needs to avoid at all costs.

When her neighbour is murdered, though, she feels that she has to help solve the crime - even if it means using her abilities on purpose for the very first time. And this starts a chain of events that leads to new friends, new enemies and a new determination to not waste her life anymore...

I was drawn into Sally's claustrophobic, lonely world very quickly and found myself cheering her on on her journey to self-discovery and change.

My one regret and criticism is that the story feels a bit rushed sometimes; things happen too fast and there's little reflection on how they affect the main characters. I wish "Touch" was executed as a trilogy of novels rather than a trilogy of novellas, and that more room was given to the character development of friends and foes. The main "villain" felt rather one-dimensional, for example.

It's still a good read for an evening, though, and definitely not your standard, cookie-cutter supernatural romance. This has the gritty feel of realism to it.


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