Bitter Wash Road

von Garry Disher 
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Bitter Wash Road
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Bitter Wash Road


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    misspidervor 6 Monaten
    A Must Read

    Prologue: Browsing the shelves of my favorite local bookstore, I was first attracted to the book, which was standing on a special recommendations display, by its cover - it was the German edition showing a rundown truck in front of an even more rundown shed on it. Next, I read the back cover blurb which sealed the deal for me. However, I was determined to read the original story and not a translation. Translations are a great thing to have, but you can never be sure how much of the original 'voice' is still in it. Most times, they are pretty close, but I learned that they are never able to catch the author's voice a hundred percent, due to the translator's subjective interpretation of words and phrases, or sometimes simply due to the lack of exactly matching words in the other language, both of which always lead to an alteration of the author's unique voice, the sound and feel of the book, at least to a small degree. So I ordered the English edition, though that meant I had to wait a couple weeks for the delivery and pay a bit more (yeah, that's how it still works with offline bookstores, no next day delivery, no price deal). But then, didn't I owe the bookstore for bringing the book to my attention in the first place?! So that was fine with me, and I experienced a couple of days relishing the anticipation of something (hopefully) great. The book arrived in time to take on a vacation trip: perfect timing.

    Chapter one: The first thing I noticed while reading 'Bitter Wash Road' was the author's use of language. I wonder if/assume there is an equally noticable difference in the English language between Australian and US authors, just like there is compared to British writers. But I also like to think I found an author with a very unique writing style, which I would still have to verify by reading a couple more of his books (which I totally intend to do).

    Chapter two: The main character of the book, constable Paul Hirschhausen, or 'Hirsch', makes a great anti-hero, troubled with the accusation of being a maggot who betrayed his own team of corrupt colleagues in order to come clean himself. Transferred to Tiverton, a desolate strip of land somewhere in the middle of nowhere, he just wants to do his job peacefully and otherwise be left alone. But the town is not as sleepy as it looks and when the body of a run over girl is found he has to dig deep to uncover the town's darkest secrets, and here, they seem to be pitch-black.

    Chapter tree: there are more dislikeable characters in this story than not, which creates an atmosphere of 'one against all', and I breathed deeply each time Hirsch actually met a decent person. He really deserves it.

    Chapter four: Hirsch always answers his chief's questions, or rather orders, with 'Sarge'. This was kind of a running gag, and I could perfectly hear him saying it very dryly with the slightest hint of sarcasm. Loved it!

    Epilogue (exhausted): Loved this book. Highest recommendation!


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