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Inhaltsangabe zu „Halfway Down The Stairs“ von Gary A. Braunbeck

Climb halfway down the stairs with Bram Stoker Award-Winning author Gary A. Braunbeck, into worlds that occupy the spaces between "here" and "there," where office workers become little more than scrolls of code and an ordinary man discovers that he has to help reassemble the missing face of God; from battle-scarred veterans who have to protect their village from encroaching spirits to a college experiment that may bring about the end of days, all of these stories feature Braunbeck’s trademark element: an unblinking eye for emotional detail that elevates the subject matter of each piece into the realm of the genuinely literary. The stories span Braunbeck's thirty-year career from some of the very first tales of Cedar Hill to all-new stories, including the never-before-published author’s preferred version of the controversial, “The Sisterhood of Plain-Faced Women.” Several stories herein are introduced by such luminaries in the horror/dark fantasy field: Ramsey Campbell, Laird Barron, Elizabeth Massie, Graham Masterton, and Jonathan Maberry, to name only a few. Halfway Down the Stairs is a treasure chest of wonders for Braunbeck fans.
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    Halfway Down The Stairs


    04. February 2016 um 07:33

    I intended to read this book just like a novel: start at the beginning and then work your way towards the end. However, soon I found it was better to not read it in one piece. This may have been obvious considering the book is a collection of many little pieces, but I never before found such a straining collection. Each story was so demanding I felt I needed some time in between to really savor its meaning. Therefore, I started reading only 2 or 3 stories at a time and then have a break, maybe even put some different, lighter stuff in between. That way, the stories did not start blur into each other and belittle each other's impact. Of course, it took me much longer to finish the book, but I guess this way I got the most out of it. I have only recently discovered this author (shame on me), but I've really come to admire his constantly high-level, mind-bending and totally unique work which defies any categorizing. It is a melting pot of genres where horror, fantasy and sci-fi are only the top of the list. I dare say you may find a story touching almost every genre, which makes this collection diversified and suprising with each new story. The writing, of course, is superb: each sentence, even each word has its purpose and you won't find any unnecessary filling. I guess the word condensed may also be a fitting description. Of course, there were stories I loved more than others, depending on the subject or genre they were dealing with, but I can honestly say there was not one single story I disliked. My favorite story - which I already re-read once and will surely do so again - is titled "Attack of the Giant Deformed Mutant Cannibalistic Gnashing Slobberers from Planet Cygnus X-2.73: A Love Story". Highly recommended. (I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review)

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