Gary S. Metcalf Systems Literacy


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Systems Literacy“ von Gary S. Metcalf

Conversations were introduced by Bela H. Banathy around 1980 as an alternative to the classical conferences which usually consist only of presentation of streamlined papers and short question slots. In a Conversation a small group of systems scientists and practitioners meets for several days to discuss in a self-guided way a topic of scientific and social importance. The overarching theme for the IFSR Conversation 2016 was "Systems Literacy". It aims at developing systemic "principles" or "big ideas" as orienting guidelines for application of systems science in across disciplines and provide for appropriate dissemination and world wide acceptance. Systems Literacy could be defined as understanding your model or models of Systems, how it is the same and different from others' models of Systems, and how our individual and collective actions influence Systems behaviors and how Systems behaviors influence us. An agreed definition will be an outcome of the Systems Literacy Initiative process. The Systems Literacy Initiative is a process of an ongoing international, coordinated effort to create a greater awareness and understanding about "Systems" and to develop a comprehensive set of big ideas, supporting concepts and learning progressions that have broad agreement. As team leaders developed their topics with their teams, they kept a focal theme of Systems Literacy in mind. The intention was that participants in the Conversation integrate the work of the teams into a body of knowledge to be developed into modes for educating those new to systems thinking, the systems sciences, and systems research, as a coordinated and coherent whole system initiative to define and achieve Systems Literacy. 24 practitioners from twelve countries took part in this five-day cooperative effort. Three teams approached Systems Literature from different viewpoints: Team 1: Application of Boulding's Skeleton of Science to Inform Transdisciplinarity, Team 2: Unity in Diversity - Making the Implicit Explicit, and Team 3: Exploring the Relationship of Systems Research to Systems Literacy. The outcome of this Conversation, while at a high conceptual level, also supports and encourages further practical applications through individual member activities. The outcome of the conversation is summarized in three overview papers and six team reports. A short description of the IFSR's activities completes the proceedings.

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