Fearless in High Heels

von Gemma Halliday 
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Fearless in High Heels
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    MikkaGs avatar
    MikkaGvor 5 Jahren
    Morning sickness, baby dolls and vampires

    The plot:

    Maddie - highly pregnant, murderously hungry and deadly lethargic - has spent most of her days on the sofa lately, binge-eating and sighing over campy vampire movies. Her best friend Dana decides that enough is enough! She drags Maddie into a trendy new club to give her some new energy and something else to think about but her pregnancy. It works only too well - finding a dead girl with bitemarks on her neck in the ladies' bathroom definitely chases all thoughts of her weight gain and fat butt out of Maddie's head(for now)!

    And of course, Maddie simply cannot resist sticking her nose into the investigation - she is an expert on vampires, after all! -, much to the displeasure of her husband. The relationship between them is strained and wilting, anyway - is it Maddie's little "Bump" that has killed all sexual tension between them, or is he just not attracted to her anymore.


    Maddie and her friends belong to the world of the hip, trendy and successful - actresses, models, designers... Makes it easy for a reader to indulge in a bit of wish fulfillment: what would it be like to live like this? At the same time, the characters are also likable and down-to-earth enough to make you wish you could invite them for a comfy movie night at home.

    The pregnant Maddie is torn between insecurity, joy, panic and hormonal rage. I had to laugh out loud a few times, because I could picture a situation so well. Her mother starts a hysterical campaign to make Maddie's home child-safe, and to prepare her daughter for the baby - with the help of a realistic doll that she's supposed to carry around with her everywhere. Hilarious!

    The dialogue between Maddie and her friends Dana and Marco is super-funny! Marco is easily my favorite: he is so extravagant, but at the same time timid, naive and and good-natured - very sweet! Can he be my best friend, please?

    The novel is easy to read and very entertaining; the dialogue is fresh, witty and funny. The story picks up speed very quickly and stays full of suspense until the very end. It never gets boring! The many little references to "Twilight" were uproariously funny to me - as were the amateurish attempts of the trio to try their hands at being "real" vampire hunters...


    Maddie's constant sighing and moaning about her fat butt, her newly gained pounds and her (supposedly) lost attraction can get a bit too much sometimes. Doesn't she ever look forward to the child with joy? You'd almost think that it's nothing but a nuisance for her. In the course of her investigation, Maddie endangers not only herself but also her unborn baby, but she doesn't even think about that.


    Despite the small flaws, I liked the book very much. I found it easy and fluent to read, and I felt well entertained from the first page to the last. You shouldn't expect a lot of depth, though - this novel is easy, undemanding entertainment, nothing more and nothing less, but well-done for what it is. 


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