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It's 4 a.m. and Cathy Mason is watching dawn break over the Lovelace estate. By the end of the day, her community will be a crime scene. By the end of the week, her city will be on fire. In this gripping thriller, a death at police hands has repercussions far beyond one family plunged into grief . . . As violence erupts in the middle of a stifling heatwave, the dead man becomes a useful tactic (or an urgent threat) in political games at the highest level. So while lives are at risk in Cathy Mason's estate, across London in Westminster, careers are being made, or ruined. From a Home Secretary's attempts to unseat a Prime Minister, to a new Met Police Commissioner fighting for his job, to families torn apart: in Ten Days, Orange Prize-shortlisted author Gillian Slovo shows what happens when politics, policing and the hard realities of living in London explosively collide.
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    Ten Days


    26. May 2016 um 08:19

    Early in the morning at Lovelace estate. Cathy sees her lover go away. Only a couple of hours later, the place will not be what it was before: with a teenager killed, riots breaking out and the police under pressure, the city can hardly be recognized anymore. But not only the fight between the inhabitants and the forces are on the press’ agenda, also the Prime Minister’s and Home Secretary’s political fight gets into another phase. 10 days later, the country will have changed completely.Gillian Slovo’s narrates her story at a high pace, the situation shifts within minutes, everything happens at the same time, people come under pressure, private and public affairs are mixed. However, it is not only the speed at which the story unfolds and demands action, it is also the characters which can captivate the reader. None of the is perfect, non is only evil or only good. They all have their flaws which makes them appear lively and credible. Although the end can be guessed and is not too astonishing, there is suspense throughout the novel since every single day of the narration, new factors and new developments are added which complicate the characters’ lives and need adaptation to the new situation. Seeing how the react and try to keep their integrity is one of he strongest aspects of the thriller. What I also liked was the weather motive and how it was incorporated in the plot: the heat making also the characters heat up, the cleansing thunderstorm which also costs the lives of some innocent people - a successful parallelism.

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