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Inhaltsangabe zu „Moonlight Glade“ von Graham Bain

A thousand years have passed since the Amrath destroyed their own creators: a thousand years since the corrupted God King Sarek annihilated the entire Vaeran civilisation in a single instant. Within the Transcendental Realm, the Amrath Exarchs now suffer in despair, doomed to watch over the enigmatic being they call the Unnamed King. One day, they know he will remember what he truly is. Someday, the King will become Maydark, the end of days, and the paths of the true magic will forever be shattered. It cannot be stopped. This is a truth acknowledged by all living beings. The world will end when the King descends to the legendary Trifold at the heart of the Flux Nexus. Deep within the Maelstrom, where the power of the true magic rises to unfathomable heights, the last shadow will fall. But such things are often sideshows. When two children bind a magical Covenant, surrounded by such all-powerful darkness, nobody realises what it will mean. The Amrath - so accustomed to isolation and dominance - will be forced to listen. The human Empire, bound to an endless struggle against the frantic magics of the Nexus, will be tested. Because in the vanquished Vaera's Moonlight Glade, between the boundaries of the old and the new, something unprecedented is beginning to move.
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