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An ancient Irish mystery. A ritualistic modern-day killer. Ireland's first female detective Katie Maguire must find the connection.
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  • Sinister Thriller with celtic/mythological elements and some hardcore scenes as icing of the cake!

    White Bones


    21. July 2014 um 11:54

    The special thing about that book is the balancing act between the Crime and Thriller genre and the mystic wind that is blowing around all the time. Without getting lost in details the author manages it to create a lot of empathy for the Detective and main character in this story. He uses a lot of just slightly touched infos about her, mixed with a nearly stream of consciousness like insight to her feelings.I seldomly felt more connected to a protagonist in a story. I really enjoyed the dark and dilapidated drawing of the characters in the book-> most of them had a stroke of fate, some personal problems; all these things that just enter everyone's life, if you like it or lump it. Therefore the whole story transported a really authentic feeling. The depiction of violence is sometimes stronger than in a typical crime novel, but definitely not nearing a horror-porn like status!It just evolves the right feeling of suspension and empathy for the reader. What is wonderful about the book is the lot of information about Ireland(Cork) and CelticMythology(especially more sinister versions of fairies and mermaids you ever heard of,I guess!^^) that resonates within the story. There is a chance that you feel protracted to visit Ireland and enjoy the, by the book passed on, lifestyle of the people living there; or maybe you feel the need to do a bit of research in the celtology sector. Another aspect worth mentioning is the feminist one, of a woman who has to hold her ground in a men's profession.And this happens without a too devastating negative connotation, but also without the romantic heroine martyr style!This is also a strong benefit to the credibility of the story and it is fun to read! Who is the ritual murderer is really hard to guess for a long time and therefore it is suspense-packed to nearly the end. Also the romantic/lovestory aspect someone could expect by a female protagonist is really subtle and not too unambiguous and therefore offers an enjoyable warm note to the cold setting of the story. Everybody who enjoys a sinister thriller with celtic/mythological embedded in Ireland and with small sidetrips to physically harder scenes --> get your copy! :)

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