The Last Days of Night

von Graham Moore 
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The Last Days of Night
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Historical novel at its best: 'real' characters not just as stooges (Westinghouse, Edison, Tesla). Entertaining AND educational!

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Buch des Jahres bisher. Spannend, unterhaltsam, informativ.

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER * A thrilling novel based on actual events, about the nature of genius, the cost of ambition, and the battle to electrify America-from the Oscar-winning screenwriter of The Imitation Game and author of The Sherlockian SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE STARRING EDDIE REDMAYNE New York, 1888. Gas lamps still flicker in the city streets, but the miracle of electric light is in its infancy. The person who controls the means to turn night into day will make history-and a vast fortune. A young untested lawyer named Paul Cravath, fresh out of Columbia Law School, takes a case that seems impossible to win. Paul's client, George Westinghouse, has been sued by Thomas Edison over a billion-dollar question: Who invented the light bulb and holds the right to power the country? The task facing Cravath is truly daunting -- win. And the stakes are immense: the winner of the case will illuminate America. In obsessive pursuit of victory, Paul crosses paths with Nikola Tesla, an eccentric, brilliant inventor who may hold the key to defeating Edison, and with Agnes Huntington, a beautiful opera singer who proves to be a flawless performer on stage and off. As Paul takes greater and greater risks, he'll find that everyone in his path is playing their own game, and no one is quite who they seem...Praise for The Last Days of Night 'Moore weaves a complex web...He conjures Gilded Age New York City so vividly, it feels like only yesterday' Entertainment Weekly 'A model of superior historical fiction ...Graham Moore digs deep into long-forgotten facts to give us an exciting, sometimes astonishing story of two geniuses locked in a brutal battle to change the world...[A] brilliant journey into the past'The Washington Post 'Mesmerizing, clever, and absolutely crackling...a


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    StefanieFreigerichts avatar
    StefanieFreigerichtvor 10 Monaten
    Kurzmeinung: Historical novel at its best: 'real' characters not just as stooges (Westinghouse, Edison, Tesla). Entertaining AND educational!

    Young lawyer Paul Cravath gets drawn into the war over electricity – and lots of money – between George Westinghouse and George Edison when he gets to present the case for Westinghouse. The fight gets tough and turns its ugly eye on Paul’s life, too “One doesn't lie down with a lion and get to act surprised if one finds oneself devoured.” Beautiful opera singer Agnes Huntington sets his private life in turmoil as does Nikola Tesla’s involvement professionally.

    I admit to have some issues with historical fiction, as it is pretty often rather a crime story or mere romance with just a few ‘historically looking‘ tiny portions. I want to get into a certain time, feel what it might have been liked and be as close to reality as possible. Well, of course, one cannot guess about historical persons‘ exact words for most of their lifes, will have to wonder about some of their motivation – but, still, I do not want them to show up as mere stooges. None of the main characters has been invented and the summary at the end of the book will tell you what is real and where changes have been made. Cravath is ideal to follow along – his questions will often be the readers and this gives the author the chance to explain along. Still, at the beginning I had some trouble of getting into the book – this great TV documentations helped me a lot

    and so did taking a peek into the related Wikipedia articles.

    While managing to convey scientifical matters, historical events and juridical procedures to the reader, the book’s level targets at entertaining its audience, does not try to go too pretentious. No offence, but one should probably know this before getting started. Anyway, I wish there was more like this and that schools in particular would consider using material the way Moore does. He even manages to extend to similarities in topical entrepreneurs and developments, thus extend questions of morale and ambition.

    Looking forward to seeing this made into a movie! 5 stars.

    Flamingos avatar
    Flamingovor 2 Jahren
    Kurzmeinung: Buch des Jahres bisher. Spannend, unterhaltsam, informativ.
    current war = Stromkrieg

    Wer hätte gedacht, dass ich mal einem Buch mit dem Thema "Stromkrieg" volle fünf Sterne geben wurde....Aber "Die letzten Tage der Nacht" hat es verdient. Es geht also Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts um den sog. Stromkrieg und was sich durchsetzen wird: Gleichstrom oder Wechselstrom, A/C oder D/C? (Wenn Edison und Westinghouse wüssten, dass es 100 Jahre später mal eine heavy metal band mit dem Namen geben wird lol). Mehr kann ich zum Inhalt schlecht verraten, da mich Elektrizität völlig überfordert. Der Witz hat einen Bart, ich weiß, aber bei mir kommt der Strom echt einfach nur aus der Steckdose. Der Held, so könnte man ihn nennen, im Stromkrieg ist der Anwalt Paul Cravath, der Westinghouse im Patentstreit gegen Edison vertritt. Insgesamt gilt es irgendwie über 300 Klagen abzuarbeiten, am besten natürlich zu gewinnen. Der Weg ist das Ziel und so auch hier: Bis zum Ende, an dem wir alle den gleichen Strom und die gleichen Glühbirnen haben werden, steht eine unglaublich spannende und unterhaltsame Geschichte, die ein bisschen einer Achterbahnfahrt ähnelt. Mal gewinnt man, mal verliert man. Ich bin zwar teilweise mit der Rezension von Wilhelmine Bach auf nicht ganz einverstanden, aber zu Schluss hat sie den Roman auf einen kurzen und knackigen Nenner gebracht: "großartige Sprache und eine rasante Handlung". Dem kann ich mich vollumfänglich anschließen. Ich glaube, dieses Buch ist so ein bisschen ein underdog, aber ich gebe einen uneingeschränkte Kauf- und Leseempfehlung. Selbst einen tollen Epilog schreibt uns der Autor; etwas, wo ja vielen Autoren die Luft ausgeht. 


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