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Inhaltsangabe zu „Black Creek“ von Gregory Lamberson

In 1979, the US government relocated more than eight hundred families from Love Canal, New York, after decades of toxic contamination. Not all of the residents left: some remained in their homes on the outskirts of the disaster area. Others went underground. Hiding. Changing. Breeding. Almost four decades later, Love Canal has been renamed Black Creek Village and restored for inhabitation. The residents there and on neighboring Cayuga Island remember the tragedy of Love Canal but have no knowledge of the monsters living below the surface. When the worst snowstorm in forty years isolates all of western New York, the forgotten inhabitants of Love Canal emerge from hiding to reclaim what once belonged to them. And they are hungry.
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    Black Creek


    07. April 2016 um 12:50

    While the main plot - mutants created by toxic waste - is not really new, the setting of 'Black Creek' during a whiteout blizzard was scary as hell. For a long part of the story, the snow storm is the only enemy the people living in the Black Creek area have to face, and it's a really mean one. The author did a great job bringing it to live, making me shiver to the bone just reading about and imagining it.The invasion of the long forgotten underground inhabitants seemed just like the icing on the cake, so to speak, adding another layer of horror to make this book a perfect read. But the real horror definitely was the snow blizzard - without it this would have been just another variation of the mutant creature theme, something like Silent Hill during bad weather.The author did a great job bringing his characters to life and creating an ever-present intimidating atmosphere that doesn't allow anyone to take a breath, not even the reader. I recommend reading this not only with the lights on, but the thermostat as well.(I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review)

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