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Inhaltsangabe zu „A Temporary Situation“ von H. L. Day

Personal assistant Dominic is a consummate professional. Funny then, that he harbors such unprofessional feelings toward Tristan Maxwell, the CEO of the company. No, not in that way. The man may be the walking epitome of gorgeousness dressed up in a designer suit. But, Dominic's immune. Unlike most of the workforce, he can see through the pretty facade to the arrogant, self-entitled asshole below. It's lucky then, that the man's easy enough to avoid.

Disaster strikes when Dominic finds himself having to work in close proximity as Tristan's P.A. The man is infuriatingly unflappable, infuriatingly good-humored, and infuriatingly unorthodox. In short, just infuriating. A late-night rescue leading to a drunken pass only complicates matters further, especially with the discovery that Tristan is both straight and engaged.

Hatred turns to tolerance, tolerance to friendship, and friendship to mutual passion. One thing's for sure, if Tristan sets his sights on Dominic, there's no way Dominic has the necessary armor or willpower to keep a force of nature like Tristan at bay for long, no matter how unprofessional a relationship with the boss might be. He may just have to revise everything he previously thought and believed in a chance at love.

Great chemistry between the MCs, fun, teasing conversations, lots of snarky sarcasm. Very cute and romantic.

— Sakuko
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  • Great chemistry and a cute couple

    A Temporary Situation


    05. December 2017 um 14:07

    Dominic is happy as a personal assistant, but he hates the CEO of his company, because of an interview he read. But then the CEO requests him specifically as a temp assistant, when his has a medical emergency. Dominic tries to be as obnoxious as he can, so he doesn't have to work for the way too perfect Tristan long, but he just cannot find any of that slave-driver attitude he displayed in the interview. The guy is actually way too nice, reasonable and personable to keep the hatred up, and he keeps asking Dominic to spend time with him, taking him out to lunches and events.I really enjoyed the book. The MCs have a great chemistry and a fun, teasing way to talk with each other.Tristan is outwardly a really perfect guy, good looking, professional, but inside he's a pretty ditzy, crazy, stubborn dude, and Dominic gets the full force of his personality. Dominic is pretty stubborn, too though, really snarky and sarcastic, but also pretty insecure inside. They are just fun to read when they just bounce conversations around and they are really cute together, once they get there.This is very much a gay-for-you story, but I liked that Tristan wasn't the one to freak out that he was in love with a guy after he'd considered himself straight (apparently). It's Dominic who doesn't quite believe him.That said, the last quarter of the book does get a bit tedious. There is a lot of absolutely unnecessary, stereotypical relationship drama going on. There is not good reason for it, all just hear-say and strange ideas in Dominic head, and it's not even presented well or interesting. I felt they should have just cut out that part or just added a few cute anecdotes to lengthen the story, instead. I really enjoyed the book. The chemistry between the MCs is just awesome, I love the fun, snarky conversations, all the joking and teasing.I also liked that Tristan was not freaking out when he figured out he was in love with a guy after apparently having considered himself straight before, but that Dominic was the one not quite buying it.But the last quarter did get a bit tedious. Tristan hasn't really been anything but honest, even if a little ditzy, to Dominic all book, but Dominic just keeps doubting and making really silly decisions based on nothing but hear-say and his overactive imagination. That was just stereotypical drama for no reason and with no finesse whatsoever.Admittedly, the whole book isn't very realistic, but it's heartwarming, funny and romantic, and that's what I want when reading Romance novels, after all.

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