HELEN H. DURRANT DARK MURDER a gripping detective thriller full of suspense


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Inhaltsangabe zu „DARK MURDER a gripping detective thriller full of suspense“ von HELEN H. DURRANT

A gripping new detective series from a best-selling crime writer A woman is found dead by a canal . . . why have her eyes have been viciously poked out? Detective Stephen Greco has just started a new job at Oldston CID and now he faces a series of murders with seemingly no connection but the brutal disfigurement of the victims. Greco’s team is falling apart under the pressure and he doesn't know who he can trust. Then they discover a link to a local drug dealer, but maybe it’s not all that it seems. Can Greco get control of his chaotic team and stop the murders? If you like Angela Marsons, Rachel Abbott, Mel Sherratt, Ruth Rendell, or Mark Billingham you will be gripped by this exciting new crime fiction writer. DARK MURDER is the first book in a new series of detective thrillers featuring D.I. Greco. Stephen Greco has moved to Oldston after his wife divorced him. He doesn't like the place much but he wants to stay close to their daughter, Matilda. He is a meticulous policeman with a touch of O.C.D. Easy to admire, but sometimes difficult to like. The series is set in the fictional industrial northern English town of Oldston. ALSO AVAILABLE: THE BEST-SELLING CALLADINE & BAYLISS SERIES which first introduced D.I. Greco DEAD WRONG, book one featuring Detectives Bayliss and Calladine is available now! "A bag of severed fingers is found in the playground by a rough housing estate. DEAD SILENT book two in the series. A body is found in a car crash, but the victim was already dead . . . Police partners D.I. Calladine and D.S. Ruth Bayliss race against time to catch a vicious serial killer. DEAD LIST book three An unlikely killer with a bucket list of victims . . . This book is the first to introduce D.I Greco
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  • Helen H. Durrant - Dark Murder

    DARK MURDER a gripping detective thriller full of suspense


    18. November 2015 um 18:04

    A woman murdered and her eyes poked out, another woman disappeared without a trace. Detective Stephen Greco has just started his new job and apart from the weird team of very singular individuals, he immediately has a complex case to solve. What he does not need is his ex wife handing over the 5-year-old daughter to take care of in this situation. Several clues hint at different motives and suspects; the pressure on the team quickly rises especially when one of them gets mixed up with the local underworld. Helen H. Durrant’s protagonist is a very interesting character, neither the superhero nor the addicted and burnt out cop who can solve his case like a lonesome wolf. Adding the personal aspect as a suddenly single parent – which also widens his horizon with regard to his team – is quite innovative in crime novels. The plot itself is packed with suspense, different lines of action are slowly intertwined thus providing a convincing solution and coherent story. All in all, a novel which is enjoyable to read, a well made mixture of suspense and personal components which make the characters appear real and authentic.

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