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Ridiculous plot, but likeable characters
Sakukovor einem Jahr

7 years ago Ryder cheated on Harlan and fucked up their relationship so badly that Harlan changed his number and schools as to never see Ryder again. But Ryder still loves Harlan and now that he's found him again he'll do what it takes to win him back.

Ok, the whole book is entirely ridiculous, but I still kinda enjoyed it, at least partially. There are some cute moments in there.

It's just that the whole reasoning the author cooked up it really wonky, starting at Ryder's reason to cheat. Are there actually people out there who thing along lines as stupid as that? Equally bad where his tries to seek forgiveness. How about starting with an apology, not by being a cocky asshole. DubCon is also not helping. Harlan turning it around wasn't much better either.

The thing is, I still thought the writing was done pretty well and I did like the characters, it's just that the plotline, from start to finish feels entirely unrealistic and nonsensical.


Rezension zu "Geoff's Teddy (Synchronous Seductions Book 3)" von Havan Fellows

Very warm GFY romance with a teddy fetish
Sakukovor einem Jahr

Geoff and Fuzzy are thrown together on a dinner 'date' so their bosses can date each other. Fuzzy is exactly what Geoff is looking for: Big, muscular and very hairy. Also fun and easygoing. He just happens to be straight.
When Fuzzy has to crash with Geoff for the night some unexpected gay porn leads to unexpected opportunities.

It's a rather short piece, but I really loved this little book. I didn't read the other two parts, though, so the characters where all new to me.

I just love Fuzzy and Geoff and their interaction. All the banter and innuendo (intentional or not) is really fun. I just really liked how the two of them interact and joke with each other.
Fuzzy (or Teddy) can come off as a bit grumpy, but he's really very easygoing and sensible, but also likes to joke around. And he can be surprisingly shy.
Geoff is a bit more emotional and outgoing. He can be a bit over-dramatic, but also very sensitive and sweet.
I was very happy it was not insta-love for once. Ok, they get close rather fast, but I don't think they talk about love even once in the whole book.

I thought the sex scenes where pretty hot, I like the very authentic vibe. I also love that Fuzzy doesn't freak out afterwards and is pretty accepting about being gay (well, bi, rather) now.
And it has one of my favorite parts about GFY, the coming out to family, friends and coworkers.
I thought the scene where he comes out to his parents is just hilarious. His dad is great, and I liked that his mom was not instantly ok with it, but also not a total asshole about it (just mostly, I guess).

It's just a really warm, comforting book.


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