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Heidi Perks arbeitete als Marketingchefin eines Finanzunternehmens, bevor sie sich entschloss, Vollzeit-Mutter und -Autorin zu werden. Sie ist ein unersättlicher Fan von Kriminalromanen und Thrillern und will immer herausfinden, wie die Menschen ticken. Heidi Perks lebt mit ihrer Familie in Bournemouth an der Südküste Englands.

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Cover des Buches Die Tote (ISBN: 9783734107115)

Die Tote

Erscheint am 17.05.2021 als Taschenbuch bei Blanvalet.

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Cover des Buches Die Freundin (ISBN: 9783734107108)

Die Freundin

Erschienen am 19.08.2019
Cover des Buches Die Tote (ISBN: 9783734107115)

Die Tote

Erscheint am 17.05.2021
Cover des Buches Die Freundin (ISBN: 9783837146868)

Die Freundin

Erschienen am 19.08.2019

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Cover des Buches The Whispers: The new impossible-to-put-down thriller from the bestselling author (ISBN: 9781529124255)miss_mesmerizeds avatar

Rezension zu "The Whispers: The new impossible-to-put-down thriller from the bestselling author" von Heidi Perks

Heidi Perks - The Whispers
miss_mesmerizedvor einem Monat

When Grace returns to her British hometown of Clearwater after two decades in Australia, she hopes to renew the friendship with Anna. As kids and teenagers, the two had been close as sisters, due to her poor family situation, Anna more or less grew up with Grace’s family until they decided to move to the other side of the planet. However, Anna does not seem happy at all about Grace’s return, she has established a small circle of good friends and is reluctant of letting her former best friend join their group of four. After one evening at the local pub, Anna does not come home but neither her friends nor her husband seem to be really concerned so Grace takes over responsibility: she informs the police and starts to ask questions. Why do all people in the small sea-side town behave strangely? It has always been her to be in charge and to take care of the small and big catastrophes, so not much seems to have changed. But on her own, will she be able to find Anna and to uncover why all people are telling lies?


Heidi Perks wonderfully portrays life in a small town. Everybody knows everybody and is keen on spreading rumours, especially if there is something cheesy or malicious to share. As soon as Grace turns up for the first time at the schoolyard to bring her daughter to her new school, “The Whispers” among the mothers start and cannot be silenced anymore. Quite authentically, we hold as true the things we can observe and the bits and pieces of information we get and make sense of the story – and thus fall into the author’s trap since not much is really what it seems at first.


Admittedly, even though Grace as the protagonist is portrayed as a sympathetic woman, I did not really like her as she was, in my opinion, a bit creepy from the beginning. A lot of people live in the past and want to repeat it, therefore, returning to the place where she had a good time is not too strange, yet, the fact that she does not want to accept that Anna does not want to bond with her anymore and that she does not even make the slightest effort to find other friends, I found quite weird and obtrusive. 


After Anna gets missing, the other characters indeed do behave inexplicably, yet, it does not take too long until the author reveals the other side of the story. As an experienced crime novel reader, you tend to be cautious and hesitant from the start when you are only presented with one character’s point of view, this is why I did not find it too surprising that not all things are what they seem at first. However, what I totally adored was how Heidi Perks managed to portray especially the small town women and their gossiping and how they make an effort of polishing their own lives to appear as someone superior to the others. 


An entertaining read with some unexpected twists which brilliantly captures small town life. 

Cover des Buches Die Freundin (ISBN: 9783734107108)Lisa2311s avatar

Rezension zu "Die Freundin" von Heidi Perks

Zu vielversprechender Klappentext. Daher zu langatmig und langweilig. Ende jedoch spannend
Lisa2311vor 3 Monaten

Dieses Buch verspricht leider viel zu viel. Schade... Nach dem Klappentext habe ich ein Setting in einem Verhörzimmer erwartet, bei dem immer mehr schreckliche Geheimnisse gelüftet werden, die das Buch wirklich spannend machen.
Anfangs lief es auch darauf hinaus, denn die Geschichte wird einmal von Charlotte, die das Kind verloren hat, und einmal von Harriet, die Mutter des Kindes, erzählt. Die Charaktere wurden dabei sehr gut herausgearbeitet.
Jedoch zogen sich die ersten 200 Seiten sehr und es ging nur darum, wie sich beide Parteien nach der Entführung fühlen.
Mich hat es auch sehr gestört, dass man nicht wusste, worauf die Geschichte hinauslaufen soll. Man wurde nicht in die Suche nach dem Kind hineinbezogen und auch in keine Ermittlungen, bei der nach dem/der Täter*in gesucht wurde. Die beiden Frauen saßen zwar in der "Heute" Version der Geschichte im Verhörraum, aber das machte vielleicht 30 Seiten im ganzen Buch aus.
Ab ca Seite 200 wechselt die Perspektive der Geschichte und endlich wird es interessant. Dies zieht sich jedoch auch wieder weitere 100 Seiten, bis es für 50/60 Seiten spannend wird. Die letzten 20 Seiten waren dann auch wieder zu viel.
Das Geheimnis, welches ab S. 200 langsam gelüftet wird, ist wirklich gut.
Allerdings habe ich mehr erwartet und das Geheimnis lag nur bei einer der beiden Frauen, weshalb der Klappentext einfach falsch ist, dass die beiden Angst davor haben, was die jeweils andere sagen könnte.
Wegen des Schreibstils und der Perspektivwechsel kein ganz schlechtes Buch. Mit anderen Erwartungen hätte es sogar ganz gut werden können.

Cover des Buches Three Perfect Liars: from the author of Richard & Judy bestseller Now You See Her (ISBN: 9781529124231)miss_mesmerizeds avatar

Rezension zu "Three Perfect Liars: from the author of Richard & Judy bestseller Now You See Her" von Heidi Perks

Heidi Perks - Three Perfect Liars
miss_mesmerizedvor 10 Monaten

When Laura returns to her job after six month of maternity leave, she expects Mia, who substituted her in this time, to be gone. Yet, the young woman is still there, at Laura’s desk and with Laura’s most valuable customer and: she got a permanent contract. Laura is furious and soon convinced that there is something wrong with that seemingly sympathetic colleague who makes friends with everybody easily. The more Laura digs into it, the more paranoid she gets, neglecting her husband and young son, her mind only circulating around how to dethrone the enemy. Mia actually has something to hide and yes, there was a reason why she rushed to this rural area and wanted explicitly to work in this company. Janie, Laura and Mia’s boss Harry’s wife, on the contrary, is a full time mom and at the moment totally frustrated. It is not just that she has given up a splendid career, something is nagging on her and slowly destroying her marriage. When one evening, the offices burn down, all three of them seem to have had good reasons to destroy the company. But, did they also count on killing somebody inside the building?


Heidi Perks’s mystery is a marvellous story which hooked me immediately and keep me reading on as soon as I had started. Three female protagonists are very different from each other and hard to see through at the beginning. But the more you see them interact with each other, the more suspicious you get and while I was reading, I was constantly shifting sympathies since every piece of information added to the picture and slightly changed it.


At first, I felt compassionate for Laura. Coming back after months at home now struggling with her new role as mother and having a career at the same time. Her husband’s constant criticism – even though completely justified – and having somebody younger and attractive stealing her post while her boss lacked supporting her: I could easily understand why she felt like losing all confidence in herself and increasingly getting obsessed with Mia. I didn’t really like the later at first, mainly due to the fact that she was presented through Laura’s point of view, she seemed like an intruder with evil intentions. Yet, there was also another side which she kept from the office and which told an entirely different story. I didn’t know what to do with Janie, was it just lamenting at a very high level? Having a wonderful family and lots of money, what did she have to complain about? It was herself who suggested giving up her career. She was certainly the character least tangible of the three and her motives of ending her marriage remained quite blurry until the end.


A brilliantly crafted plot with a very female and perfidious fight between the three. There was also something really tragic about the story when the motives were finally revealed which kept me pondering about the fact that how easily you put together an allegedly coherent picture of a person or a situation while you might be totally wrong. 


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