Helena Julian Hot on the Trail of Dan Brown's 'Inferno'


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Hot on the Trail of Dan Brown's 'Inferno'“ von Helena Julian

The world’s only award-winning travel guide with all the locations of 'Inferno'

This award-winning travel guide brings fans to all the original locations of Dan Brown’s 'Inferno'. Stick to the heels of Robert Langdon and follow him through Florence, Venice, and Istanbul – very amusing and completely harmless!

Do the secret doors and passageways in the Palazzo Vecchio really exist? How can you reach the deadly attic? And did Dante Alighieri have a beloved? Helena Julian has inspected all the thriller-locations personally. She has followed the novel heroes at every turn through the gorgeous cities of Florence, Venice, and Istanbul presenting all the important novel locations and buildings. More than 180 colored photos, historical facts about Dante’s 'Divine Comedy' and Florence in the Middle Ages as well as numerous inside tips for the thriller-trip make this guide the ideal travel companion for at home and on the road. In addition: tips for the 'Inferno'-tours, hotels, and restaurants including an amusing extra - diary anecdotes of the author hot on the trail!
For her original travel guide, Helena Julian received the Premio ENIT, a special award for best books about Italy, awarded by the National Italian Tourism Agency ENIT.

Press Reviews

"We’ve come to the right place, because we’ve read Dan Brown’s Inferno thoroughly, but when immersed in the places of this travel guide, we get the feeling it could be the other way around. Namely, when I first arrive in Italy, this book and finding the locations could motivate me, just as well, to read the original, the real Dan Brown. In the best sense of the word, this book is a preparation for the novel, like a quest and a follow-up simultaneously. (…) Therefore, out of pure enjoyment read all three, Dante, Dan Brown, and what Helena Julian learned about the locations in Florence, Venice, and Istanbul. Read it for yourself; it’s worth it.”

“Helena Julian…..wrote this humorously formulated and carefully researched book to accompany the thriller.”
(Rheinische Post)

“For the Florence traveler, this book is likely to be a valuable companion.”
(Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung)

“This is no normal city guide, a small, splendid novel companion.”
(Neue Ruhr Zeitung)

Helena Julian is a German journalist and author of fiction and non fiction books. During her German and Romance studies, she dealt with the beginnings of literature in the Middle Ages. She was also quite familiar with Florence and Venice before reading Inferno, yet she took the pleasure of visiting all three cities again for the sake
of this travel guide.
In 2013 at the Leipzig Book Fair, she was nominated for the first e-book-award after publishing a blog-project about book bestsellers. For the German edition of this travel guide 'Auf den Spuren von Dan Brown´s 'Inferno'", she received the Premio ENIT for best books about Italy at the International Frankfurt Book Fair, awarded by the National Italian Tourist Board ENIT.
In 2015, she published her first novel, "Valentinas Buch". She lives with her family in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Stöbern in Krimi & Thriller

Schlüssel 17

Tolles Setting, fesselnder Plot. Großes Kino!


Die Vergessenen

Keine leichte Geschichte, nichts für schwache Gemüter.


Zu viele Köche

Krimi-Klassiker, aber aktueller den je



Grausam, Spannnend, tragisch



Spannung von der ersten bis zur letzten Seite


In ewiger Schuld

Anfangs interessant und auch teilweise hochspannend, aber dann ein völlig unglaubwürdiges Ende..


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