Hilary Thompson Justice Buried (Starbright: A Dystopian Romance of Mystery and Myth Book 1)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Justice Buried (Starbright: A Dystopian Romance of Mystery and Myth Book 1)“ von Hilary Thompson

The people need Justice, but she's not listening. One hundred years before, the Great Sickness reduced the world to three dystopian cities. Now the community of Asphodel is trapped underground, waiting for the prophesied maiden of Justice to rescue them. Sixteen-year-old Astrea is supposed to be this savior - too bad for them she isn't a believer. Astrea fights her fate until discovering a power she never knew she had, and a handsome ally she never expected. With her life in danger, Astrea must choose between saving her city or herself. This thrilling young adult adventure is the first in the richly-imagined Starbright series, which is laced with mystery, romance, and mythology. Justice Buried will have you questioning fate versus free will along with Astrea, and wondering who can be trusted when everyone is keeping secrets. Interview with the Author Q: So, what makes the Starbright series special? A: It’s a unique mix, I think. I originally thought of the series as dystopian romance, but I personally hope magic is real, so I had to have that fantasy slant with some elemental magic. I expanded that to include bits of Greek mythology – several lesser-known deities make an appearance. I also hoped to create a strong female lead who still had a lot to learn. As I was writing the first book, however, I realized it isn’t just Astrea’s story: by series’ end, her companions all go through a sort of coming of age – each in a diverse way. So it’s a story of young adults growing up in a society full of mystery and hidden truths, who are expected to somehow become heroes in a world that ultimately is rejecting them out of fear. Since the story post-apocalyptic (set several generations after an apocalypse), society has had time to rebuild – and in some very strange ways! My favorite detail in the series is the blending of religious beliefs, including astrology - Astrea and her friends are supposed to live based on their horoscope. As the characters unravel the mystery of the prophecies surrounding their births, they are thrown into an epic adventure. Q: I have to ask – why the love triangle? A: I think Astrea’s struggle with finding one person to love is very true to her character – as a teen – as well as realistic for the unfolding of the story. She’s bound to one person through a prophecy she doesn’t believe, and the romantic attention of another is a welcome distraction from that reality. But she’s also at a point in her life where she doesn’t always know what love is, and she’s figuring that out as the rest of the apocalyptic drama unfolds. Even when the world is ending, people still need human connection. And when that world is a dark, uncertain place, love can be the fire that illuminates the path. Q: What order should I read the books in? A: The main novels are chronological, but the novellas can be added in any order. They provide background secrets to help the reader solve the mystery. The full story isn’t really revealed until you hear Stian, Lexan, and Aitan tell their versions. (I’ve also had a few other requests, so stay tuned for more Starbright!) I also want to say thanks to all my readers - you make my words into worlds, and there's nothing better than sharing my stories with you! Here’s the reading order I recommend: - Stian’s Mistake (prequel novella) - Justice Buried - Lexan’s Pledge - Balance Broken - Aitan’s Revenge - Destiny Risen (releasing soon!)
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