Holly Bourne How Hard Can Love be? (The Normal Series)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „How Hard Can Love be? (The Normal Series)“ von Holly Bourne

All Amber wants is a bit of love from her estranged mum. And she's hoping that a summer together at Mum's Californian kids' camp will help patch up her shattered heart. But then she meets Prom King Kyle - and offers her heart up for breaking all over again. Even with BFFs Evie and Lottie's advice, Amber's finding love hard. Is it worth the fight?

I liked it less than the first one. I also enjoyed the bits about Ambers Mum more than the actuall love story. But I still really liked it!

— LeonoraVonToffiefee
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  • Loving someone and being loved

    How Hard Can Love be? (The Normal Series)


    23. June 2016 um 23:46

    *May contain minor Spoilers*After loving Am I Normal Yet? I had quite high expectations on this one, although I liked Amber less than Evie, which was maybe just caused by having the main focus on Evie and knowing little about Amber.She's not the easiest character but I could understand her in a lot of ways. She's troubled by the relationship to her parents and by the feeling of not-being-loved which I can understand knowing her background story. I think that was my main Problem with her during the first book: I didn't know much about her reasons for her behaviour and her changing mood. But getting to know her better was great and actually she's a lovely character. This book had basically two main storylines: the part about her mother and the part about Kyle.I liked the Kyle part less. Idk, I just wasn't a big fan of him at all. Maybe because he was so american. I just had the Impression the author wanted him to be as american as possible and make every stupid sterotype true. But I just hate those sterotypes. He was nice and cute and stuff and definetley Amber deserved to be happy but it wasn't my favourite part. It bored and annoyed me a bit. The other major part was about her mum and I really got that one. I have to say I have a great realtionship with my mum and can't imagine having her not in my life like that. So it was very upsetting to me reading Amber had so much troubles with her mum and I hated her a lot for being such a terrible mother. I just couldn't imagine how Amber must feel and it was just really really sad to me. (view spoiler)Sure, in the end things got better and her story became untwisted. I liked that, cause it gave me some relief she's not the terrible person I though of. But it was also a bit too happy, if you know what I mean. The entire driving off in the sunset was a bit... corny. Idk, it wasn't my favourite end, although I was happy for Amber. The second book in the Normal Series was not as good as the first one, but I still really liked it. I'm excited for the last one and Lotties story since I think I like her a bit more thatn Amber.

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