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  • Creature feature in perfection!

    Rattus New Yorkus (Hunter Shea: One Size Eats All)


    23. July 2018 um 07:24 Rezension zu "Rattus New Yorkus (Hunter Shea: One Size Eats All)" von Hunter Shea

    This story does everything right: from super-scary creatures, which are already scary enough in real life, to likeable main characters with just the right sense of humor. I must admit I easily imagined Chris to look something like the exterminator in The Strain series, but I guess that's due to the fact that I've not seen that many exterminators so far. Also, I think they share a similar kind of humor, which seems to be a necessary quality in order to do the job without going nuts. It was so sweet to observe how Chris cared for ...

  • Another highly entertaining creature feature

    Jurassic Florida (Hunter Shea: One Size Eats All)


    25. June 2018 um 10:14 Rezension zu "Jurassic Florida (Hunter Shea: One Size Eats All)" von Hunter Shea

    Another highly entertaining creature feature , this one starring giant iguanas - which sounds weird and maybe even cute at first, but the cover already gives a very good impression of what to expect on the inside (BTW, I love the slightly retro cover art on this one!).I was surprised by the amount of character building taking place here, featuring several very different people with interesting backgrounds (teenage mayor, gangster on the run). That definitely added to the appeal of the book and made it more than just another ...

  • More than just a great creature feature

    Fury Of The Orcas


    22. February 2018 um 07:21 Rezension zu "Fury Of The Orcas" von Hunter Shea

    I have already read some other books by the author, and his 'Fury of the Orcas' seamlessly adds to the list of creature features I came to love.This was such another great story, especially the beginning, as it felt like jumping right in the middle of the action, and the end, hinting at another catastrophe following right on its heels. Dare I say the middle had some repetitive moments? But then again, I mostly read that part while falling asleep in bed at night, so I'm not sure if I may have read several passages more than once ...

  • Another great mail order massacre

    Money Back Guarantee (Mail Order Massacres)


    11. October 2017 um 08:18 Rezension zu "Money Back Guarantee (Mail Order Massacres)" von Hunter Shea

    The latest installment in the Mail Order massacres series is a total blast (quite literally)! This time, the story is about a mail-ordered submarine, which turns out to be nothing more than a large piece of cardboard. When her son almost drowns on his undersea adventure in his friend's swimming pool, Rosemary Lanchester is determined to get her money back. But it seems the address of AdventureCo, the company who sold the crap toy, does not exist. Then the anonymous phone calls start, insulting Rosemary and threatening her family. ...

  • Splatter Fun

    Optical Delusion (Mail Order Massacres)


    08. August 2017 um 22:02 Rezension zu "Optical Delusion (Mail Order Massacres)" von Hunter Shea

    Not quite as good as the previous Mailorder Massacre 'Just Add Water', but still lots of fun. This novella begins much slower and takes its time to get into the author's typical horror overdrive mode. Curiously, I enjoyed the calm beginning much more than the fast-paced but also rushed horror it culminated into towards the end. I wonder if there will be more parts to this series - I sure hope so.

  • Great B-movie style creature feature

    Just Add Water


    26. April 2017 um 07:40 Rezension zu "Just Add Water" von Hunter Shea

    When I first saw the cover, I had a strange feeling of déjà vu, as it looks just so similar to the cover of a book I've only recently read titled 'Keep in a Cold, Dark Place'.But let's get back to 'Just Add Water' and its nasty and very deadly variation of the gremlin theme. Ever heard of those little sea serpents (maybe better known as sea monkeys)? You get an envelope with little flaky stuff which you put in water to grow some little fish-like creatures? I remember them being advertised in the YPS magazine when I was young, and ...

  • Fun creature feature

    The Jersey Devil


    25. August 2016 um 11:53 Rezension zu "The Jersey Devil" von Hunter Shea

    This was a highly entertaining B-style monster story, and being my first book featuring the legendary Jersey Devil, it also provided an interesting kind of history lesson for me.The first half was mainly a series of blood-filled encounters with the beasts. Several characters where thoroughly introduced only to be ripped apart by the devils shortly after. Honestly, I could have done with several less. Interwoven with these little episodes was the introduction of the main characters, their relation to the Jersey Devil and each ...

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