Hunter Shea Optical Delusion (Mail Order Massacres)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Optical Delusion (Mail Order Massacres)“ von Hunter Shea

OPEN YOUR EYES WITH “X-RAY” VISION! Put on a pair of “X-Ray” glasses and things will never look the same! These almost magical specs will make you the hit of the party! Astonishing three-dimensional X-Ray visions of what your friends—and girls—look like under their clothes! And all for just $1. THE MORE YOU WEAR THEM . . . Martin Blackstone punishes his son for wasting his allowance on a pair of flimsy cardboard sunglasses X-ray vision . . . yeah, right. Martin tries them on just for the hell of it—and all they do is give him a headache . . . . . . THE DEEPER YOU’LL SEE. Until he sees things he can’t possibly be seeing. Glimpses of things on the other side of a wall or beneath someone’s clothing. He wants to believe it’s just his overactive imagination but the “X-Ray” specs actually work. Then the fun novelty becomes a waking nightmare when the glasses burn into his face and he starts seeing horrifying apocalyptic visions no mortal man was ever meant to see. Images that alter his very personality—from a husband and father to a bloodthirsty homicidal maniac . . . Because sometimes you can see too much. Praise for Hunter Shea “A lot of splattery fun.” —Publishers Weekly “Frightening, gripping.” —Night Owl Reviews
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    Optical Delusion (Mail Order Massacres)


    08. August 2017 um 22:02

    Not quite as good as the previous Mailorder Massacre 'Just Add Water', but still lots of fun. This novella begins much slower and takes its time to get into the author's typical horror overdrive mode. Curiously, I enjoyed the calm beginning much more than the fast-paced but also rushed horror it culminated into towards the end. I wonder if there will be more parts to this series - I sure hope so.

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