Cover des Buches Malin and the White Reindeer (ISBN: 9783743977297)
Rezension zu Malin and the White Reindeer von Ingrid Zellner


von dovlandau vor 5 Jahren


dovlandauvor 5 Jahren

What a marvellous, great, enchanting book! A white reindeer explains the world to a little girl - and together they experience the course of a whole year; the seasons, nature, myths and history. The summary doesn't give a mere idea how magic the world waiting for the reader really is.

What's so great about the stories of Malin and Dálvi? You involuntarily smile while reading them, and at the same time you're crying a little. You think thoughts of love and tenderness, you observe the beauty around you in new colours, and trouble and sorrow fall from your shoulders like an old, dirty coat. You want to draw paintings, plant flowers, drink raspberry lemonade and make someone smile.

Ingrid Zellner can do magic - she has proved this with "Malin and the White Reindeer", beyond any doubt. A book for children, a book for adults, a book to lose yourself in completely and to read it to others. And one of the most beautiful stories I've read for a long, long time.

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