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Rezension zu Malin and the White Reindeer von Ingrid Zellner

“Each season is worthy to be loved”.

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Kurzmeinung: Pure magic!


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ManjaElsvor 7 Jahren

Little Malin is 6 years old as her beloved grandmother dies. Of course this is never easy, especially not for such a young girl. Her grandmother was special; she told her so many stories of elves, reindeers and trolls…it’s just so surreal that she is gone now. But one day, when Malin is dreaming about their time together, she meets a beautiful white reindeer. This is the beginning of a special bond between Malin and Dalvi the reindeer..

This story - filled with love, friendship and mysticism – is taking place in the lovely landscape of northern Sweden. With the help of the white reindeer, Malin learns many important life lessons and starts to deal with her grief step by step. She not also learns how important it is to be happy, no matter how rainy the seasons might be, but also that her grandma will always be around here.

Ingrid Zellner is able to enchant the reader with her poetic words and this lovely story. Almost incidentally she delivers important messages for both children and adults. This book is pure magic that left me with a tear in my eye. Thank you!
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