Inner Child Press Ltd World Healing World Peace Volume I: A Poetry Anthology


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Inhaltsangabe zu „World Healing World Peace Volume I: A Poetry Anthology“ von Inner Child Press Ltd

Preface It is not just because i have children and i have concerns for their safety and welfare, but the fact of the matter is you may have children too. Actually we are all children of this wonder filled Creation who inhabit this Awe Inspiring Planet we call Earth. When i think in terms of World Healing ~ World Peace, like most of us there is much about us that needs our attention, adjustment and resolution. I like most of us could sit and complain the remainder of our lives away about all that is wrong. The predominant aspect of what i would like to ultimately transfer in the way of energy to every on i can, is that we have the ability to effectuate the changes we desire. We have the power to reconcile our existence to that of our Dreams of Utopia. “Our World” is inherently one of abundance and i believe there is enough for all of us to coexist in a peaceful, loving manner. For too long we have allowed the few to control the many. This would include most of our institutions from Religion, Politics, Education, Business, Food, Medicine, Media and Finance. Our desires for “Things” along with the rampant Greed we witness has gone just about as far as we should allow. However, in order to make the much needed equitable adjustments for parity, we must first examine and correct the archaic consciousness’ we hold to unwittingly. The depth of our indoctrination fed to us by the controlling class is a tangled web filled with deceits and ulterior motives and agendas that do not serve the masses of people who have need for such basic things as Drinking Water, Food, Medical Attention and the lack of War and Strife. Many may ask, “How can we achieve this end?” . . . well, i have always been told that “every journey begins with the first step”. Many have already taken that initial step, while some are waiting for the right motivation. We have chosen the medium of Poetry and Prose to relay our messages from around the world. In this our second effort to evoke a higher level of participatory consciousness we hope that you find the words that moves you to care enough to be moved to a certifiable action that contributes to the good of us all. Our aspiration here with this effort of World Healing ~ World Peace Poetry 2014, is not only to just produce a book, but to distribute the book and get it into the hands of our World’s Policymakers. We have a campaign to deliver copies to every member Country of the United Nations as well as every voting member of The United States Congress. we can not do this alone. There is a Fund Raising Campaig still active to achieve this goal. If you can not contribute, please do take the time to share the message! Funding Campaign The Video World Healing ~ World Peace Poetry 2014 World Healing ~ World Peace Now William S. Peters, Sr. Inner Child Enterprises, ltd.

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