Isis O'Shea Teacher's Temptation


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Teacher's Temptation“ von Isis O'Shea

Heather Perkins, a shy young teacher has been secretly lusting after Luke, one of her students who has recently turned 18, for months now. When the opportunity finally presents itself to seduce him Heather takes her chances. Luke turns the tables on her though and gives her a weekend of sex she will never be able to forget. Heather learns some new ways to get down and dirty in this scandalous Kindle erotica. Excerpt: “You are a very attractive woman. It isn't too much of a stretch. I'm sure you have some things to teach me and ,as you already know, I'm a very devoted student. They should not hire teachers as sexy as you. It is a huge distraction.” He told her with a playful smirk. She could feel a bulge growing in his pants up against her waist. He started to slowly massage her ass cheeks sending small rushes of pleasure through her body. She reluctantly let out a slow moan. “ I like to hear you make that noise.” Luke chuckled. “ So about those plans with your friends?” he asked in a sexy whisper while teasing her ear with his hot tongue. “ “ What plans?” She said huskily. “I'm free to spend the rest of the night with you.” Heather said leaning her body more into him and kissing him on his lips. “ That was exactly what I wanted to hear. ” Luke told her and then went in for another kiss. He backed her up against the wall and pinned her there as their tongues tangoed inside their mouths. He darted his tongue into her mouth and explored it, licking every surface within her mouth with his soft warm tongue. Heather began to breathe heavily as she raked her fingers through the young man's long shaggy blond hair. His mouth on hers felt so much better than she had imagined. He slipped his hand up her shirt and touched her large breasts as he left a trail of kisses down her neck. “This is a little faster than I was expecting. I don't know if I can do this.” She said with doubt and placed her hand on his chest in order to put some space between them. “It's alright. You just need to relax some.” he said and gently squeezed her shoulder. He led her over to the dark brown leather couch. “I'll be back. I have something guaranteed to loosen you up.” He said and headed toward the kitchen and then down the steps to a basement or cellar of some sort. He returned with a glass full of a red colored wine. Soft, slow music began to play from a stereo system in the living room. “Here you go. This stuff will reduce all that anxiety.” Luke told her, handing her the glass and setting the bottle on the glass coffee table next to the couch. He turned her body so her back was to him and he slid in close behind her. He began to massage her shoulders making all her stress and worry melt away. The alcohol was helping too. The wine was a sparkling mix of blueberries and strawberries that made her tongue do a happy jig and soothed her. She had always been partial to the bubbly stuff. Luke kissed her neck as he continued to move his hands in a massaging motion down her back. He allowed her to finish her glass of wine and then empty half of a second. “ You are so tense.” He whispered in her ear as his thumbs worked at a knot in her back. “Kinda.” she admitted. Living without sex for months will do that to a person. “ Follow me, Heather.” he breathed hot and heavy in her ear. “I have a better way to relax you, to release your stress. I will show you a night that you will never be able to forget. I'll pleasure you over and over and over again.” he told her taking her by the hand. She willingly followed, feeling the wine working its magic and drawing her into a happy stupor. This erotica also contains some lesbian and threesome action.
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