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Four Letter Word (Dirty Deeds)

Four Letter Word (Dirty Deeds)

Erschienen am 04.10.2016
Hit the Spot (Dirty Deeds)

Hit the Spot (Dirty Deeds)

Erschienen am 06.12.2016

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Dirty Deeds #1.
Lonechastesoulvor 9 Monaten

"Love was an adventure. It should be spontaneous and irresponsible and a little crazy. Not planned for. Not overthought. I had no idea when I was going to say those words to Jamie, and I liked not knowing. I wanted impulsive I love you’s and reckless desires. I wanted this how it always was between us—uncontrollable. Overwhelming. And never, ever contained."

After reading Four Letter Word  I was sooooo excited to read Hit The Spot! In Four Letter Word we are introduced to Tori (Legs) and Jamie (Loser) and I instantly fell in love with them and their personalities! Usually when that happens I get high hopes for the next book and my expectations are too high. Well, let me tell you, J Daniels did NOT DISAPPOINT! If anything, she exceeded my expectations and I could not put this book down! Hit the Spot also quickly moved its way to one of my top favorites books!

Tori is through with having men work their way into her heart only to turn around and break it. So when Jamie starts making it perfectly clear that he wants her, she does her best to avoid him. So when she and Jamie make a bet that one of them will be begging the other for a night in bed she's positive she'll win. Because she doesn't want Jamie at all. Right?

I was super interested in Jamie and Tori when we first met them in Four Letter Word and I just knew that they would have a chemistry like no other. And I was right! The connection they shared practically flew right off the pages and made this book extra sexy. I loved how determined Jamie was to get Tori and how caring he was when he started to get to know her.
Tori actually surprised me and I ended up liking her a ton more than I thought I would. Her teasing Jamie was fun to see and I liked that she didn't always just run away from him. Even when she was denying the attraction that they had she was sassy in the best way possible and it made her character just overall fun and enjoyable to read about.

What I loved about this one- how much Jamie loved Tori. He wanted her fiercely and never gave up on that. Even when she became difficult (and she did) he still kept on. That kind of devotion is something you don’t read about every day.

I enjoyed Tori and Jamie’s banter, I loved seeing all the characters from book 1 I liked so much. If you’re looking for a super steamy read, with a lot of sweet, some humor, a fun heroine and alpha hero this is the book for you!

Overall, J. Daniels did an incredible job with this story! It definitely showed the expectations that I was hoping to get and hopefully it will to all her future readers, because her writing is one of a kind and absolutely incredible!


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Four Letter Word
Ute80vor 2 Jahren

This is a book about chance and fate. It is about understanding what we have control and what not.

We meet Sydney and Brian. Sydney is starting a new chapter in her life. She is moving with her best friend Tori. Both Syd and Tori have been burned by a men.

Brian has his own issues.He experienced something about 6 months ago which shook him. These two lost people crossed paths ... A relationship starts, texting is so immediate, so private..

Sydney and Brian’s story is a beautiful one where the two heal each other. And I like the concept of the title :-)


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