J R R Tolkien Fellowship of the Ring 1ST Edition Ace A-4


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    Fellowship of the Ring 1ST Edition Ace A-4


    18. July 2009 um 01:54

    WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!!!! I can´t remember having read such a boring book.... I´m sure Peter Jackson was thrilled by Tolkien´s love for the detail because he didn´t have to give the films´ setting and all that stuff any own thoughts. But to read about every single leaf, stone, cloud and what else that hobbit posse came across was just TIRING and BORING. All the time I was waiting for something to happen, but it just didn´t (ok, there´s one big rumble and Merlin kind of dies, but that´s just not enough). And all those SONGS and POEMS!!! Mr. Tolkien could have told the same story in sixty pages instead of six hundred, and I really wouldn´t have missed mcuh (in fact, nothing at all).

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