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Inhaltsangabe zu „Concealed in Death“ von J. D. Robb

Hardcover (Quelle:'Fester Einband/18.02.2014')

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  • In death series # 38 by J. D. Robb - Concealed in death

    Concealed in Death


    26. March 2014 um 15:11

    Roarke, billionaire and husband of one Eve Dallas, Lieutenant with the NYPSD, owner of half the universe (as his wife likes to put it) has purchased an old building, worn down by the years, it’s only occupants rats and the occasional junkie. But not for much longer. The construction crew is ready to start the full renovation of the building, formerly known as „The Sanctuary“, a home for streetkids and troubled youths. Roarke, as the new owner, is right there when the first wall comes down. A wall, that has more to hide than just a few rats and outdated plumbing. Wrapped in plastic and perfectly concealed, rest the skeletal remains of two persons. Of course, Roarke informs his wife first thing and before the day is out, they uncover ten more bodies. A dozen in total, hidden behind fake walls in the whole building. The police brings in an anthropologist, the elegant and efficient Dr. DeWinter, to confirm what, in her heart, Eve already knows. Murdered children. Girls between 12 and 14 years of age. Murdered and forgotten for more than a decade, robbed of the chance to grow up and build a life for themselves. Eve, Roarke and everyone involved is determined to give the girls back their names, faces and their families some kind of closure. An unsolved and undiscovered crime, committed 15 years ago and Eve won’t rest until the killer is found and rotting in a cage. Retracing the steps and the life of twelve dead children is tedious and slow work, especially because most of them were either streetkids, abused runaways and/or abandoned by parents, guardians and the system. It brings back Eve’s own memories of her abusive childhood. The case seems to break when Mavis, Eve’s BFF, recognises some of the girls from her own past, when she was one of those lost ones. „Concealed in death“ is book # 38 of J. D. Robbs „In Death“ series about NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas. As the former books, this can also be read as a stand alone, but for a better understanding of the characters, their motivation and the relationships, it helps to know the earlier books. The pace of this book is slower, than that of the last one, no recent dead body, no killer on the loose. A cold case, if you like and as far as I can recall that’s a first for this series. I liked it anyway. What I really love about this series is, that the characters, even those who appear only every other book, are constantly changing. They are allowed to grow, if you like. They form partner- and/or relationships, build friendships, start a family etc…. Reading a new „In Death“ novel is like visiting old friends :)

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